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Spotify’s HiFi Tier has been delayed

Spotify’s HiFi Tier offers enhanced audio quality and seemed like a win-win situation when it was announced. What’s the problem?

Now we know why.

Spotify’s CEO, after much speculation from the industry and users, finally shared more information in an earnings call on February 20, 2022.

What is the real reason Spotify has waited to launch its HiFi tier yet?

Spotify has not yet launched a hi-fi tier

Spotify revealed in February 2021 that it would launch a HiFi tier. However, we have yet to see it (or hear it). Spotify promised a great experience, with lossless, CD-quality audio streaming.

Everyone has speculated since then about when the streaming service will make this tier accessible. Spotify has not shared any information about a launch date, or the timeframe in which it will be available.

Many users expressed their dismay online about the delay, including on the Spotify Community website. The company’s moderator responded to users with an update, but no information about when the tier might become available.

We understand that high-quality audio is very important to you. We share your sentiments and are excited to offer a Spotify HiFi experience for Premium users in the near future. We don’t yet have any details on the timing.

Spotify has not shared any information about the reason behind the delay until recently.

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Spotify’s HiFi Tier has been delayed

Spotify finally revealed the reasons behind the delays in launching Hifi tier. Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, gave the answer. During the February 2022 earnings call, Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, spoke to investors and analysts about the situation.

A transcript from AlphaStreet shows Ek’s explanation in response to a question about the delay and a request for an update.

The question will be answered first, then Paul will provide guidance. Yes, most of the features we discuss, especially those that are related to music, end up in licensing. This is why I cannot give any details other than to state that we are in constant communication with our partners to bring it to market.

It is obvious that the delay is due to licensing issues with musicians and music labels.

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Spotify’s HiFi Tier to Launch Soon

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek spoke out about the delay in the HiFi tier’s launch. That’s all that he said.

Ek and Spotify did not disclose any details about the pricing of the tier or the timeframe in which they expect to resolve licensing issues. The wait for the HiFi tier’s launch is still ongoing.




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