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Sound Volume Too Soft? Here are some ways to make speakers louder

Superior sound quality is essential for many people who use their phones and computers as entertainment devices. This guide will show you how to improve the quality of your speakers. This article will help you, regardless of whether you are using a PC or an iPhone.

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Windows Computers

Windows comes with several built-in settings to increase the volume of your computer’s sound. This may not work on all computers because different computer models may have different software drivers that enable audio enhancements.

Here are four ways you can increase the volume of your Windows-powered computer’s overall performance:

1. Using Audio Enhancement Settings

Windows automatically comes with audio enhancement settings, even if the Audio Driver is not installed by your computer’s manufacturer. Access the audio enhancement setting by clicking here

  1. Right-click on the Volume/Audio icon in the taskbar panel’s right side.
  2. Click on Playback Devices.
  3. To open the Speakers Properties window, click Properties in the Playback tab.
  4. Click on the Enhancements Tab and select Loudness Equalization.
  5. Click OK to exit.

This will increase the system sound volume. This option is supported by most sound cards, but if yours does not, you can still find other ways to increase the volume of your computer speakers.

2. Sound Booster Applications

Many sound booster plug-ins are available for free on the Internet. The free versions of sound booster plug-ins are usually limited in features. To enjoy premium features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Audio boosters are a great deal. These are the best audio boosters you will find:

  • DFX Audio Enhancer

This plug-in seamlessly enhances your system sound, including music, videos, and internet audio (such YouTube), among other applications. The software is free and has limited features. Although most configuration settings can be disabled, this software can still perform basic sound enhancement on your computer.

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  • Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPS plug-in is not available for purchase, but you can try it out by downloading the trial version. It’s available for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and supports sound enhancements and equalization options. It also works with Max OSX.

  • SoundPimp

SoundPimp audio booster uses high-definition stereo technology to enhance your listening experience. It works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Mac OS.

3. VLC Media Player

Get VLC media player free if you are looking to improve just your multimedia audio and video. It can play movies, music and video in multi-media format. This player has a unique feature that allows you to go over the 100 percent volume limit, and can max it out up to 125 percent.

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4. Purchase External Speakers

You can also buy Bluetooth headphones or portable speakers. Many options are available that offer high quality and affordable speakers. Although software and plug-ins can be used to enhance system sound quality, this can sometimes lead to poor audio quality. You can focus even in noisy and crowded environments by using headphones or speakers.

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If none of the above options work, you can always reinstall Windows. Sometimes, low sound can be caused by glitches in audio software. Reinstalling Windows will fix this problem and give you a new start. Find the latest sound driver for your brand of computer and install it on your computer. The audio driver installs some system-level files to make them compatible with the built speakers.

On Your iOS Device

This trick works with any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad model.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose Music to be added to the list.
  3. Tap EQ under Playback.
  4. Scroll down to select Late Night equalizer.

Play your favourite playlist or videos, and toggle between the Off setting to play them.

The Late Night EQ setting, as the name implies, increases the level of quiet when watching movies, listening to music, and watching videos at night. This setting will be available for system features like phone calls and games, as well. This handy workaround can be used even if your headphones are not an iPhone earpiece.

You can also increase the sound quality of your iPhone, or any other phone, by placing it in a bowl, large water glass or anything similar. The speaker end of your iPhone should be pointed downwards to allow sound waves to bounce off the vessel’s walls and bottom. This will fill your room with more sound.

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Stereo Speakers

The best way to improve the sound quality of a stereo speaker is to get more power into it. This can be done by using better quality speaker cables and a stronger amplifier. To increase the sound quality of your speakers, you can make use of the natural acoustics in your room. Place your speakers in an alcove, corner or other location so that sound from the speaker is directed towards the center of the room.

Keep in mind, however, that amplifying your stereo beyond the maximum setting (which isn’t covered in this article) will result in distortion and clipping of the spectrum which can eventually cause damage to your stereo speakers. You should feed your audio output to an amplifier or get powered speakers with volume control, an on-board amp, and a speaker amp.

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This article should have provided useful tips about making speakers louder and helping you to achieve higher levels of entertainment. What are some other ways to improve the sound quality of your device’s system? Comment below to let us know!




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