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Sony has released a new PS5 model: Here’s what’s changed

There’s a new PS5 model available in stores and online. But what is the difference?

Sony released a new PS5 design less than one year into its existence, without making any major announcements. The new PS5 appears almost identical to the original PS5. They are, however, not exactly the same.

So, what’s different? What is the difference between this and the original PS5? Is it really important to choose between the old PS5 or the new PS5 model? Let’s see.

1. The new PS5 has a different model number

The model number is a quick and easy way to determine if the PS5 that you are looking at is the latest model.

The original PS5 model number refers to the CFI-1000A/B series. “A” is the standard disc drive edition and “B” is the digital edition PS5.

CFI-1100A/B is the new model number for the PS5 If you are looking for an older or new PS5 model, be sure to look at the second digit that changes from a “0”, to a”1.

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2. Sony’s PS5 redesign features a smaller heatsink

The best thing about the new PS5 model’s PS5 is its significantly smaller heatsink.

How does this change affect the PS5’s cooling performance? The results are still uncertain.

It is possible to argue that the new PS5 runs warmer than the original by just a few degrees Celsius. This is because the smaller heatsink doesn’t dissipate heat as well as the larger heatsink on the original PS5 model.

There is also evidence to support this assertion. Gamers Nexus conducted detailed tests on the PS5 to verify that it has better thermals than the older model. It is only a slight difference.

You will not feel the heatsink’s impact on your PS5 model, no matter how hot or cool it is. Sony made the smaller heatsink for a cheaper price, however.

3. To adjust the base stand of your new PS5 you don’t need a screwdriver anymore

The CFI-1100 series PS5s have a new screw for the base stand and a slightly modified clamp. The new screw is more durable and can be installed with your fingers.

This means you don’t have to use a coin or a screwdriver anymore to adjust the PS5’s position. This is a small change, but it makes your life easier.


4. The new PS5 is lighter than the old PS5 model

The new PS5 model weighs in at 0.6 pounds less than the original PS5 version (around 300g).

It’s a great improvement to have a lighter console, even if there isn’t really any downside. This is for the both the Standard and Digital Edition PS5 models. The latter makes the PS5 the lightest, thanks to its smaller heatsink, and lack of disc drive. Bravo, Sony.

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5. Different Fans are also available on the new PS5

The new PS5 model has a smaller heatsink and different fans. They have longer, more curving blades that reach into the middle.

Is the PS5’s fan louder or more quiet? Results may vary for each console.


Austin Evans, a YouTuber, claims that the new PS5 is slightly quieter than its predecessor. Rich from Digital Foundry stated that the new PS5 model he was using seemed slightly more loud than his launch PS5s (mentioned by the Digital Foundry video we linked in the first distinction).

We’re talking about a slight difference in decibels between the two. It won’t make your PS5 sound like a jet engine, and it will be much quieter than the CFI-1100 series PS5. It will not affect your gaming experience in any way.

No matter which PS5 model you choose, you’ll get the same performance

Does it really matter if your PS5 is old or new? No.


Although Sony has redesigned the PS5, the differences aren’t that big, especially when it comes down to the most important aspect, how it runs games.

There are some variations in the baseplate screw and fans, but the heatsink has undergone a significant change. This should not affect your gaming experience.

All PS5 models, disc or disc-less and with or without a new heatsink, perform almost identically. To run your games, you can’t get a better or worse PS5 model. Wait patiently until you get your PS5 to enjoy the amazing console’s capabilities.




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