Snapchat won’t load pictures in chat and stories 2022 [10 methods to fix]


We know how frustrating it is to use Snapchat. If you have been using Snapchat for some time, we understand your feelings. Snapchat doesn’t load photos in chat, and Snapchat also refuses to open/load videos or send messages. Snapchat doesn’t load snaps or stories often.

If Snapchat doesn’t load stories or snaps, then restart Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular application and there may be bugs or errors in the Snapchat server. All errors are not caused by bugs. Sometimes, the problem is due to our devices or a small mistake that we make.

Don’t be alarmed if Snapchat doesn’t load images in chat. There are bugs and minor issues that can be fixed. You need to find the cause. There could be many reasons your Snapchat isn’t loading stories or images.

This article will show you the top 10 ways to fix Snapchat’s problem of “Snapchat won’t load snaps or stories”. Follow the steps below to make Snapchat load images or stories.

Table of Contents

  • Why Snapchat Doesn’t Load Snaps and Stories
  • 11 Tips to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps in Chat and Stories [Fixed 2020]
    • Method 1 – Check Your Internet Connection
    • Method 2 – Restart and Reboot Snapchat on Your Device
    • Method 3 – Clear all Snapchat Cache Data
    • Method 4: Verify if you are still friends with the user on Snapchat
    • Method 5 – Turn off VPN
    • Method 6 – Allow Snapchat All Permissions
    • Method 7 – Update Your Snapchat Application
    • Method 8: To check if the image loads, use Alternative App Kik
    • Method 9 – Ask to Resend Snaps/Pictures
    • Method 10 – Contact Snapchat Customer Support
    • Additional Method: Snapchat not Working
  • Why Snapchat won’t load old saved pictures on chat?
  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
    • Why can’t i save snaps in chat?”
    • Snapchat photos saved to chat
    • Why are my Snapchat pictures not opening?”
  • Last Word
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Snapchat Does Not Load Stories or Snaps

Snapchat may not load stories or snaps on your device for a variety of reasons. The issue may vary from one device to another. No matter what the issue, take a look at its cause down below.

  • Poor internet connection
  • Stories or snaps that aren’t supportive
  • Slow device performance
  • Snapchat data or cache full
  • Snapchat App Version Outdated
  • Snapchat permission disabled
  • There are minor bugs in the app
  • Problems with your device

11 Tips to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps in Chat and Stories [Fixed 2222]

Snapchat doesn’t load snaps when you use it for stories and chat. Here are the ten solutions.

Method 1: Test Your Internet Connection

Snapchat relies on an internet connection to send and get pictures/videos, and messages. Sometimes we forget to connect to the internet and open Snapchat directly. Snaps load but don’t open due to cache data.

Before you start Snapchat, ensure that you have an internet connection. However, this is not enough. You must also confirm that the connection works. Without the internet, you can’t use Snapchat. If you’re a Data user, make sure to test your internet connection or switch over to WiFi Connection.

To test your internet connection

  • Go to any browser
  • Search Or
  • To test your internet connection, tap

Method 2: Reboot and restart Snapchat on your device

If Snapchat doesn’t load snaps when you connect to the internet, restart your phone and reopen Snapchat. Snapchat cannot load messages and snaps due to slow devices or cache data.

To restart Snapchat, close all open tasks. If you still can’t load the image, reboot Snapchat.

To restart your device:

  • Hold The power button
  • Choose to Reboot/Restart.

If your device fails to load the photos, you will need to delete all cache data from Snapchat.

Method 3: Clear all Snapchat Data and Cache


Most people don’t know that Snapchat storage is used to store old data. This is known as cache data. You might experience load issues and errors due to cache data. The application loads or saves old data. To use the application smoothly, clear the cache data within one calendar month.

To clear your app cache data, you can refer to this article

  • Go to the Setting on your device (Android, iOS).
  • Search Apps from Settings.
  • Unter Apps finden Sie search Snapchat und open Snapchat.
  • You will now see Clear Data on the screen.
  • Tap to Clear Data or Choose Clear All Data.
  • Finaly, the cache was deleted.

These are the steps to clear your cache data. Tap to load Snapchat snaps. If your Snapchat issue is not loading, you can follow the next step.

Method 4: Verify if you are still friends with the user on Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to add people even after they remove them from your friend list. You can see their messages and photos, but they may not be able to see what you sent depending on the security settings they have.

You might not be able to send snaps or messages to your friends or the photos won’t load from your friends.

Method 5: Disable VPN

Are you using a VPN on your device or another VPN? I don’t think you know, but VPNs can slow down or restrict your internet access. VPN is a third party application that allows you to access the services. It changes your IP address with an authorized IP. This affects the network’s stability. If you use VPN to access Snapchat, this could be why Snapchat snaps and messages are not loading.

If you haven’t noticed, do notice! If you’re using Snapchat without VPN, everything runs smoothly. However, if you use VPN, your internet connection slows down. If you are using Snapchat without VPN, then you should turn it off and load your snaps. If it works, it will begin loading Snapchat. You will be able to see all stories, chats and messages.

Method 6: Allow Snapchat to All Permissions

You might recall that when you first download Snapchat on your device, while you log into your account, you will be asked if you want to allow or deny Snapchat permissions. This could be why you cannot load any snaps you have received.

Check Snapchat permissions to allow you to fix the failed to load snaps. Follow these steps if you don’t know the right way to grant permission.

Snapchat permissions for Android

  • Open Snapchat on Android.
  • Tap the Profile icon.
  • Now, tap in the Gear Icon ( Settings).
  • Unter “Settings” befinden sich search und tap Permissions
  • Final, grant all permissions.

Snapchat permissions with iOS

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iOS device.
  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Next, tap the Gear icon.
  • Tap on the Manage button under ” Other Services“.
  • After that, tap the Permissions.
  • Allow all permissions to Snapchat.

If you have granted permission to your device, your Snapchat loading problem may be solved. If your Snapchat app is still not loading, then update your Snapchat app.

Method 7: Update your Snapchat application

If your Snapchat app doesn’t allow you to upload photos, even after following all of the steps above, it could be a problem with your Snapchat app. Your app may not be running properly due to bugs or the latest version of the app. In such instances, you can update or reinstall your application.

Follow these steps if you don’t know the best way to update or reinstall Snapchat.

Install/Update Snapchat app for Android

  • Open Google Play Store for your mobile.
  • Enter Snapchat in the search field.
  • Open Snapchat.
  • Check if you have an updated button.
  • Also, Click on the Updating button or the Uninstalling button.
  • Click on the Install button to install the application again.

Reinstall/Update Snapchat app for iOS

  • Open App Store from your iPhone.
  • Use the search box to perform a search for Snapchat.
  • Snapchat Open
  • Now, if you have an update, click the Update button or click the Remov button
  • To reinstall the app, click on the GET button.

Method 8: To check if the image loads, use Alternative App Kik

Kik, which is an alternative to Snapchat, has similar features. You can use any app to verify whether your friend’s videos/pictures are working. I prefer Kik as an alternative. Sometimes the problem is not limited to a particular device or app.

If you’ve been away from Kik for a while and have forgotten your password, don’t panic. This article will show you how to reset your Kik password.

Ask your friend to send you the photos on another app (e.g. Kik Instagram Facebook WhatsApp etc.). The image and story should be loading on the same application as the original. Ask your friend to send the duplicate photos to your Snapchat account.

Method 9: Request to Resend Snaps/Pictures

If you still have not been able to fix your load problem, then you should try the eight steps above. Tap to load the image again. If you are still having trouble, ask your friend to resend any snaps they sent to you before.

Even if the snap does not open the second time after being sent again, it is likely that there is nothing wrong with the app or your device. The only way to fix the problem is to use all 10 methods. However, it may take a few days to see results.

Method 10: Contact Snapchat Customer Service

If all of the above methods fail to resolve your problem with Snapchat loading images, then you can report the issue to customer service at Snapchat. They will fix it within a few days.

Report your problem using Snapchat

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Click on the Gear (Settings).
  • And choose Spotted a Bug under settings.
  • And pick a Camera.
  • Follow the instructions on screen to report your problem.

If you don’t receive any support or if this fails, you can always go to the website to report the problem. Snapchat Support can be reached at the following link.

Additional Method: Snapchat not Working

Snapchat may sometimes not be able or able to load photos, videos or stories.

If you’re still having trouble loading stories and snaps after following the above steps, then make sure that Snapchat server is up and running.

Snapchat won’t allow you to load snaps or stories if there are any issues with its server. Check out this page to see if Snapchat is down.

  • Go to the web browser
  • Tap the search bar, and type Snapchat is down. Snapchat not working right now?
  • You will find many results if you search the query.
  • Now, open the latest article about Snapchat not working or authorized.
  • You will find some new information in the article after you have read it.
  • You will receive hints if the Snapchat server goes down or there is an issue with Snapchat.
  • Snapchat sometimes fails to load snaps or stories when it is working on Its chats and Stories

That’s it. These are the steps you need to take in order to determine if Snapchat is not loading/working properly.

Here are 11 ways Snapchat can fix the problem of images and stories not being loaded in chat.

How can Snapchat not load Snaps or Stories?

If Snapchat doesn’t allow you to load stories or snaps, here are some other troubleshooting options.

  • Modify your Wi-Fi DNS
  • Clear the Snapchat Conversation
  • Allow Your Snapchat Permission
  • Verify the Storage Location
  • Snapchat can be closed and reopened
  • You can uninstall Snapchat from your device
  • Use your mobile data
  • Snapchat Logout and Relogin

What does Snapchat’s Black Screen mean?

Snapchat’s black screen means that your photos, videos or stories aren’t loading, or that the user has uploaded/added black story or video.

To determine if there is a loading issue or if the user has added black snaps or video,

  • Click the photo or stories to open
  • If you see a black screen on your Android or iOS mobile, look in the middle of the screen.
  • A refresh icon or circle icon indicates that snaps or stories aren’t loading. If there isn’t a refresh icon or circular icon, it means there is no picture, video or story.

Snapchat won’t load old saved pictures on chat?

Snapchat will not load saved images if it is experiencing troubleshooting memories issues. It could be that there is a problem with memory. If this happens, you will not see any old images.

Snapchat will not load saved images on chat if

  • Memories are empty and grey.
  • Snapchat Server Issue
  • Snapchat failed to back up images.
  • You have saved the story and image in “My Eyes Only.”
  • The old camera roll photos have been deleted.
  • Snapchat app out of date.
  • No storage on the device.
  • Too many cache file.

This could be why Snapchat isn’t able to load older images. The following steps will fix Snapchat not loading snaps

How to Load Old Snapchat Photos in Chat?

Follow the bulletins below to load an old Snapchat snap into chat and stories.

  • Check your Snapchat memories to make sure they aren’t corrupted.
  • Turn on Snapchat Auto Backup.
  • Free up device storage.
  • Clear Snapchat cache files.
  • Keep your Snapchat app up-to-date.
  • Do not save images from “My Eyes Only.”
  • Don’t delete images from old camera rolls.

Your Snapchat will load images and videos if you follow the steps above.

Snapchat to be Deleted by 2022

Snapchat will not be deleted or closed down in 2022. This is a rumor spread by many people for unrelated reasons. You can ignore these rumors and instead enjoy Snapchat.

The Snapchat support team has already stated that they are regrading the fake rumor or Snapchat shut down. Snapchat can still be used, so it is again usable.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I save my snaps in chat

Below are some reasons you might not be able to save snaps in chat.

  • You’re trying to save a Snapchat loading picture.
  • Images can be difficult to receive
  • The internet connection is unstable
  • You don’t know how chat saves pictures.

These are the main reasons why you won’t be able save snaps on chat.

First, download the Snapchat loading photo and save it in chat. You will then be able save the images in chat.

Once everything is resolved, you can save snaps in chat.

How to view photos saved on Snapchat

You can view all saved photos on Snapchat by going to the chat section. Then, open the conversation with your friend and save the photos. Swipe down to view all photos saved in the chat with your friend.

Are Snapchat photos lost?

Yes, you can save the images before they disappear. However, you won’t be able to find the images in the chat if the images haven’t been saved.

Snapchat will not allow you to save snaps in chat if you have deleted saved photos from chat.

Why is my Snapchat photo not opening?

If the server request time expires or there are server outages, you won’t have the ability to view the Snapchat photos. Reinstalling Snapchat is the best way to resolve the Snapchat photos not opening problem.

Last Word

Snapchat can present minor issues because so many people use it. We don’t blame Snapchat for this, but sometimes we have to deal with issues and mistakes on our devices.

Snapchat also won’t load images or videos in chat or stories. This could be due to a bug with the app, a device problem, and/or a problem with Snapchat. We have listed all possible solutions. Follow the ten steps. Snapchat will load images if you follow the above steps.

We can reach you by leaving a comment in our comment section. For more information on Snapchat and other social media, visit our website Fixing Guides.

We are grateful for your time reading this article.

Stay Problem-Free.

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