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Snapchat Can’t Load Image | Snaps stuck loading fix

The Ephemeral messaging platform Snapchat is full with surprises, but not all are pleasant. Snapchat cannot load an image. This is one of the most annoying issues. Some Snaps can get stuck when loading, and they never appear. There is a way to unload stuck Snaps and images that the app won’t load.

Can’t load image fix

Snapchat doesn’t seem to be able to load certain images. Even though you are notified that Snaps have been received, they won’t load and can’t be viewed. You can sometimes force the image/video to load by switching between mobile data and WiFi.

This problem is most common in Snaps that are not sent with sound. These are the ones marked by a square. They can be either a still photo or a video with muted sound. The notification will say that a Snap has been received but it won’t open. You can’t tap to load even though the app tells you so.

There are many possible solutions to this problem. However, the easiest solution is the one that most people use: Disable WiFi. Switching between WiFi or mobile data will cause the Snap to be retrieved once again, giving you another chance of loading it. Switch to WiFi if you are already using mobile data.

Snapchat may not be able to load videos or images during server outages.. Photos and videos that were sent before the server went down will still appear in your feed but they won’t load. You will need to wait for the service to resume.

Otherwise, you can follow the normal advice. Force-closing the app and restarting your phone is another option. To force the app to fetch your Snaps again, clear the Snapchat app cache. Clearing your conversation can help you load stuck Snaps in the worst case. Be aware that anything you don’t save will be lost forever.




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