Sliding vs French Doors: What Are the Differences?


Looking to refresh your front entrance? Maybe your current door isn’t energy efficient or doesn’t let in enough light.

Maybe you’d like to have a retractable door to make coming and going easier. French and sliding glass doors provide many benefits but deciding which one is right for you can be tricky.

It all comes down to your unique situation and preferences. Let’s see how sliding vs French doors compare and help you determine which is the better choice for you.

Sliding vs French Doors

Sliding doors and French doors are both popular choices for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their homes. French doors are typically made from wood or fiberglass and have a traditional design with glass panes that extend the full length of the door.

French doors can be used as both interior and exterior doors, and are often used to provide a link between the indoors and outdoors. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are usually made from aluminum or PVC and have a more contemporary look.

Sliding doors are typically used as exterior doors and can be used to create a dramatic entryway. It depends on your style and the overall look you are trying to achieve for your home.

Doorframe Width

There are a few key differences between sliding vs french doors when it comes to doorframe width. The width of a french door is typically much wider than that of a sliding door. This is because french doors need to accommodate the two door panels that make up the door, whereas sliding doors only have one.

And the frame of a french door is generally more ornate and decorative than that of a sliding door. French doors are typically used as entryways into homes while sliding doors are often used as patio or balcony doors.

Hardware Options

Sliding doors usually have fewer hardware options available because they need to be able to slide smoothly along a track. French doors, on the other hand, can have a variety of different hardware options since they open inwards or outwards.

Some common hardware options for french doors include handles, locks, and hinges allowing the door to swing. Sliding door rollers on the other hand are for sliding doors, typically installed at the bottom, to enable them to slide open and shut.


Sliding doors are typically more secure than French doors. This is because sliding doors have less surface area that can be breached.  Sliding doors often have stronger locks and more robust security features.

French doors, on the other hand, are typically less secure. They have more surface area that can be breached. And French doors often have weaker locks and less robust security features.

Knowing the Distinction Between Sliding vs French doors

When it comes to deciding between sliding vs french doors, it depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you need a door that opens up a lot of space, then a sliding door might be the better option.

If you prefer a door that has a more classic look, then a French door would be a better choice. Knowing the difference between the two can help you make the best decision for your home.

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