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Six Cool Ways to Get Louder Sound on Windows 10 PC

Streaming services are a major reason why media consumption on smartphones, tablets, and PCs continues to increase. It’s even better that you can watch your favorite TV show or movie from anywhere. But, if your Windows 10 computer emits weak sound, it can ruin the experience.

We have a handy set of tips that will help you amplify the sound quality on your Windows 10 computer. Each computer is different so some of these tips may not work. It depends on the sound chip or sound card of your computer. You should try all options before buying an external speaker set.

Let’s take another look.


Windows offers a few sound enhancement options, but they are often forgotten. Loudness Equalization is one of these features. It increases the maximum volume by approximately 150% when it’s enabled. This feature is available on most integrated sound cards and can be found under Sound Settings.

Right-click the Volume icon in the taskbar and choose Sounds to access the sound settings. Double-click the Speakers option in Playback to open the Speakers Properties.

Navigate to the Enhancements tab, and look for the Loudness Equalization option.



Third-party audio boosters like the Boom3D are a great option if your system does not support Loudness Equalization. This app acts as a volume booster and equalizer, and bundles several sound-related features.

Boom 3D’s key feature is the 3D Surround, which provides a positional surround sound audio experience to headphones. It’s hardware independent and can be used with multiple headphones.

It also includes four sound effects: Ambience, Fidelity and Night Mode. You can also adjust the EQ settings or presets to customize your audio experience.



You can also boost your audio by activating the “Dolby Atmos headphones” feature. This feature was introduced by Windows 10 Creators Update to many computers. It allows you to have a spatial sound experience with your headphones.

This feature is not compatible with traditional Dolby Atmos. It doesn’t require any additional hardware or receivers. It’s a digital signal processing that mixes the sound of your computer to enhance audio quality. Dolby Atmos headphones are available for many games, including Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War.

Double-click an audio device to enable this feature. Once logged in, click on the tab Spatial Sound. Then select Dolby Atmos Headphones from drop-down.

It will open Microsoft Store link to activate your free trial if you’re accessing it for first time. It’s a paid feature.


You might be an audiophile and know that perfect sound can only be achieved by being a true artist. Music is about personal preference. You can adjust the intensity of the system equalizer if the bass is too strong.

Windows 10 computers come with a native equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound and create your own profile. Although it is basic, you can tweak the settings to achieve a better sound quality than the factory defaults.

Go to Sound Settings and click on Device Properties to access the equalizer. Next, click Enhancements and remove the Equalizer checkbox.

Select a profile that suits you best and click the three dots button. You can adjust the bands to your liking. It’s slow and tedious, but it’s well worth it. Keep in mind that the bass frequencies will always be on the left and the treble frequency on the right. The midrange frequencies, however, are in the middle.


You can also update your sound card drivers if you experience sound problems. All major companies will notify their users when an update is available. You can visit the website to download the driver if that is the case.

You can also go to Device Manager (Windows Key + X), double-click on “Audio inputs & outputs”, to expand it. Right-click it and choose Update driver.


The days of a single output device for audio or a single music player are gone. Not only can we now connect multiple speakers to our Windows 10 computers, but also have a wide range of audio tools. All these apps and devices must have the same sound output. You wouldn’t want different volume levels for Chrome, VLC, and your headphones.

Right-click the volume icon to set individual volumes. The open apps will appear on the right, and the devices on the left.

You can adjust the volume to your liking and you are good to go.

Alternativly, you can also go to Sound Settings > Additional Sound Options > App volume preferences and adjust the input and output volumes of apps and devices.


These are just a few of the settings that you can use to get a better and more powerful sound from your Windows 10 computer. Some settings might not be available depending on the hardware or make of your device. Boom 3D Sounds is a good audio booster that enhances the system’s sound without having to go into detail about the sound settings.



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