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Six best remote working cafes and coworking spaces in London

Londoners will understand how difficult it is to find quiet, comfortable and peaceful places to work. Although the city is bustling with offices, libraries, and cafes it can be difficult to find a place to work remotely.

But don’t worry. London has many great spaces for working. You just have to find the right spot. London offers many great coworking spaces and remote work places.

1. WeWork

Most London freelancers have heard of WeWork. There are many WeWork locations in London, including in Soho and Hammersmith. You’ll also find many IT services, and places to plug your laptop in.

WeWork was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating a community that workers feel part of more than just a place to work. They believe in supporting others and pushing businesses and entrepreneurs to do better. WeWork is the perfect place to meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers, regardless of whether you are a small business looking for office space in a larger community building or a freelancer looking to make connections.

Why is WeWork so a popular choice? It offers private offices, coworking spaces, and on-demand access. Many have pet-friendly rooms and showers. It’s not right for everyone. Matthew Zeitlin from The Guardian examined WeWork and Adam Neumann (the founder of the company), who stated that the company “rather than renting desks, it aims to encompass every aspect of people’s life, in both the physical and digital worlds.” He questions the meaning of “we” in WeWork by looking at the names of some of its investors and the mantra behind them. To find out if it’s right for you, read more and then try a WeWork for yourself.

2. The British Library

If you are looking for a place to work remotely, the British Library is a great choice. The library is rich in history and sophisticated, and offers desk space, private rooms, and a great café. It’s possible to meet the next great author by chance.

The British Library, however, is not a place where collaboration can be done, unlike WeWork. It is quiet in most areas, which makes it a great place to work if your need for quiet and focused time. While anyone can access the cafe and desk spaces, you’ll need a pass in order to enter the reading rooms. In the middle of the working day, the cafe on the second level has a no-laptop zone.

Another great thing about British Library is its location close to Kings Cross St Pancras. This makes it a central point for many Londoners. It offers a historical, old-fashioned atmosphere that helps you focus and celebrate academia.

3. The Reading Room from the Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is an independent museum and library that challenges our perceptions and beliefs about health. The Reading Room is a great place to work remotely, especially for those who like to be comfortable. It’s a popular spot for students and professionals, with beanbags and cozy cushions. You’ll need early to get a place.

Be aware that the majority of beanbag areas do not have charging stations for laptops and that you cannot leave your stuff there. You will find it relaxing, fun, and comfortable. However, you may want to visit the library to have a more functional, long-term workspace.

4. Ole and Steen

You’ll love the combination of delicious sweet treats and excellent coffee at your work place. This is why Ole and Steen were a new addition to London’s baking scene. Customers are spoiled for choice with the wide selection of pastries, cakes and savoury delights available. This makes it a great place to work if there’s no other option.

There are many Ole and Steen’s locations across Victoria, Shepherds Bush, and Richmond. Although it might be difficult to find a place in a busy bakery, there are plenty of outlets and many working professionals that will share your passion for Danish delicatessen. The pastries are elegant, and so is their vibe.

5. The Hoxton Hotel

The Hoxton Hotel is the perfect place for you if you want a quieter environment than a coffee shop, but don’t like the echoes of a library. There are many locations available in Shoreditch and Southwark, as well as Holborn. All of them offer cozy lobbies that are great places for work. To enjoy velvet cushions, great coffee, and the gentle hump of chatter, you don’t have to be a guest.

You might be unsure if it is okay to work in a hotel lobby. Hoxton Hotel proudly proclaims that “whether you’re sleeping over, stopping by for coffee, or setting up camp with your laptop, our lobbies can be all-day destinations.” Don’t be afraid of bringing your laptop to the hotel and setting up camp. They have almost forced it.

6. Google Campus

What cannot Google do for you? Google Campus offers a vibrant, lively coworking environment with lots of character and interesting people. The Campus is located in Shoreditch and offers great coffee, lots of desks, and free WiFi to those who use their IT services regularly and want to stay connected. It is a great place for people who are open to working together and meeting like-minded people.

This is a little exclusive, however. Sign up to to become a member, and then wait for your application being accepted.




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