Seeking Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Losses


In Georgia, injured victims of a motorcycle accident have two years to file a lawsuit to secure compensation for bodily injuries.  Those who wish to sue the at-fault party for property damage have four years to file. If you are one of these victims, click here now to find an attorney who can help you file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve. 

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Motorcycle accidents can occur due to various reasons such as poor weather, negligent motorists, blind spots, unsafe merging, slick or uneven surfaces, and dangerous curves. Usually, motorists underestimate the amount of time they need to come to a stop or fail to see motorcycle riders due to their vehicles’ small profile. Vehicle malfunctions, driver inexperience, road conditions, and unexpected stops can contribute to or cause motorcycle crashes. 

Coverage for Motorcycle Accidents

In the state of Georgia, injured motorcycle riders can seek compensation from the insurance company of the responsible party. This compensation covers the costs of their injuries and losses. Medical coverage includes financial recovery for medical treatment, rehabilitation, diagnostic testing, and therapy for health problems that result from the accident. 

If the at-fault party is uninsured or underinsured, you can use your uninsured or underinsured motorist policy for coverage. Without this policy, your only option might be to sue the other party in court. You must decide on the amount of compensation to pursue as soon as possible to avoid missing the filing deadline. If you want to file an insurance claim first, ensure you have enough time to file a lawsuit if the insurer refuses to make a fair settlement offer. 

How to Pursue Damages

Once you have collected evidence to prove the other party’s fault, you can pursue a claim with their insurance provider or in court. If the insurance company accepts your claim, they will assign an insurance adjuster who will make a settlement offer. But if the company denies your claim or you think the offer is not fair, you can make a counteroffer. After several attempts and the insurer still refuses to pay, then you can file a lawsuit and take your case to court. When this happens, a judge or jury will review the evidence you present to them and decide whether or not you deserve compensation. The judge or jury will determine the amount you may be awarded, taking into account all your losses and the extent of your injury. 

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