Seattle Pedestrian Accident: Call a lawyer for a free case assessment


As a pedestrian on the roads of Seattle, you should take all possible steps to protect yourself. Every year, thousands of pedestrians get injured in traffic accidents in the city, often at night. If you know that the vehicle driver or a motorist was responsible for the mishap, you may have the right to recover compensation. Washington’s comparative fault laws are pretty simple and allow the claimant to file a lawsuit, even when they have a share in the fault. Call Khan immediately for a free case assessment. In this guide, we are discussing everything related to hiring an injury lawyer.

Understanding fault and liability

Following a traffic mishap, injured pedestrians often have the hardest time determining who is responsible for their injuries. It is quite possible that multiple parties are liable for the consequences, and depending on the evidence, claimants can initiate a lawsuit. Besides vehicle drivers, commercial trucking companies and government entities could be responsible parties in a pedestrian accident lawsuit. For instance, a bar could be a party to a lawsuit, where the driver was served alcohol before the accident, even though they were already drunk. Each pedestrian accident claim is unique, and you need an attorney who can review the details.

You don’t pay a fee immediately

You probably have numerous expenses to deal with following the pedestrian accident, and medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other things can add up in no time. It may seem like an additional expense to hire an attorney at this point. Thankfully, injury law firms in Seattle don’t demand a fee from injured pedestrians and potential clients to review the case. If an attorney is interested in your case and decides to fight the claim for you, they will ask for a contingency fee. The arrangement is typical for injury lawsuits and is payable when the client recovers a settlement.

Investigating the accident

Once you have an attorney for your pedestrian accident claim, they will do a thorough investigation to find relevant details. They will check for evidence, use their resources to gather intricate info, and negotiate with the insurance company and other parties accordingly. You have very little to manage once your lawyer takes over, which can give you more time to heal and deal with personal things.

Don’t let a reckless motorist or driver get away with their behavior – Get a lawyer to fight for your rights.

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