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Sanrio Photocard Holders & Binders: Where can I buy them?

Do you collect photocards? Would you like to have the Sanrio photocard holders keyrings or binders you see so often on Instagram and TikTok. You’ve come to the right place, as some of the posts you’ve seen online are mine. Below is my list of places to buy Sanrio photocard holders or binders.

  1. Amazon Japan – This is the best place to buy them online if your not in Japan or Korea. They have the photocard holders I used in this post. You can also find all other designs here and they are cheaper. They don’t ship internationally. You will need to use BuyAndShip to ship to your country if they don’t.
  2. DreamingTreassure – This Shopee seller is located in the Philippines. This is actually where I first found these kawaii Sanrio card holder keyrings, and binders. Although stocks are very limited, you can order them through Instagram or Twitter group orders. This seller is very accommodating and packages orders well. They ship quickly, are easy to track, and come with a sticker.


  1. with Hanna – This shop is new to Shopee. I have placed an order and the seller has been very accommodating. My Sanrio binder has not arrived yet, but it is in transit. They are based in Korea. Although I do like the fact that this seller has almost as many Sanrio options as Amazon Japan, it’s still a great choice.
  2. – Another Shopee seller located in Korea. However, the difference is that they have small Sanrio photocard holders that can hold ID-sized photocards. They also have WannaThis, BeonD, and Sleeve Refills for binders. The seller is also very accommodating.
These are the only places I know of where you can buy Sanrio photocard holders or binders. If I find more, I’ll update this post. For now, you can check my Instagram,




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