Russia Makes Veiled Threat to Destroy SpaceX’s Starlink


Russia is still upset that Starlink has been used by the Ukrainian military. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, tells the public that Starlink is intended for peaceful purposes only.

In a vague threat, Russia threatened to “retaliate” against SpaceX’s satellite internet service Starlink.

Last week, Konstantin Vorontsov, a Russian representative, issued the warning at a United Nations working group.

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Space threats can be reduced.

Vorontsov, who was reportedly

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An ex-acting Deputy Director of Russia’s Foreign Ministry Department didn’t mention SpaceX or Starlink. He did note that there was an even more dangerous trend than the benign use of outer space technology, and it became apparent in the events in Ukraine. According to the unofficial translation, this refers to the US and its allies’ use of elements of civil, including commercial, infrastructure, in outer space for military purposes.

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His statement (the original Russian-language statement is here

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Vorontsov made a veiled threat and stated, “It seems that our colleagues don’t realize that such actions constitute indirect involvement in wars.” The legitimate target of retaliation may be the quasi-civilian infrastructure.

A map showing the orbits of Starlink satellites (Credit:

“At the minimum, this provocation of civilian satellites under the Outer Space Treaty is questionable.”

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He said that the agreement, which allows for only peaceful use of outer space, “must be strongly condemned and rescinded by the international community.”

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, seems to have been interested in the Russian statement. He tweeted Friday.

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“Starlink is intended for peaceful use only.”

SpaceX supplied more than 12,000 Starlink dishes to Ukraine during the war with Russia. It provides high-speed broadband access to many civilian areas in the country, including hospitals and residences as well as businesses. It’s not a secret that the Ukrainian military also uses it.

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Starlink allows you to send encrypted messages to drones and control them.

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This can be used to attack Russian forces.

“I want you to know one thing: Elon Musk’s Starlink was what changed the war in Ukraine’s favor,” one Ukrainian soldier said to.

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Back in April, David Patrikarakos, a journalist,

It is not clear how serious Russia considers Starlink’s attack. However, in November, the Kremlin tried an antisatellite missile. This destroyed one of Russia’s defunct satellites. The impact caused thousands of pieces to fall into the orbit of Earth, posing danger to anyone who was in their path. The US responded by condemning Russia’s missile test and stating that the country was threatening space for all. SpaceX’s Starlink satellites have had to dodge debris fields numerous times since then.

Starlink could also have been hacked by the Kremlin. The US and its allies have already slammed Russia for the February cyberattack that temporarily shut down Viasat’s internet service.

China, Russia’s ally, is also concerned about Starlink. China was urged by a group of Chinese researchers to destroy Starlink.

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