Roseville car accident: 3 facts worth knowing


The disturbing experience of getting injured in a car crash in Roseville cannot be compared with other things. The roads of this busy city are always prone to traffic mishaps, and people, including pedestrians, often suffer the consequences of someone’s reckless behavior. Following the accident, you may have questions related to filing a claim for compensation, for which you need to speak to an experienced injury lawyer. Talk to the attorneys of to get a quick review. For your help, below are three facts that can come in handy.

The statute of limitations for accident lawsuits

California is a fault state, which makes the at-fault driver liable for injuries and losses endured by other parties. If you want to file a civil lawsuit for your damages, you must take action within two years. The statute of limitations is incredibly stringent with deadlines, and for car accident lawsuits, the time cap is fixed. If someone you love lost their life in the mishap, you can file a wrongful death claim (if you have the right) within two years. The clock starts from the date of the accident or the person’s death, whichever is applicable.

The comparative fault rule in California

California has simplified rules when it comes to comparative fault. A party is allowed to recover a settlement from the other at-fault driver, even when the former has a higher fault share. For the unversed, this is also known as the pure comparative fault rule. Your settlement will be reduced according to the proportion of your fault. For example – If you were 60% responsible for the mishap and successfully won $10,000 in compensation, you can now recover only $4,000.

Hiring an injury lawyer will help

While you can start the claims process without an attorney, it is not the most advisable thing to do. An experienced and accomplished injury lawyer can help you negotiate a better settlement. Insurance companies often use fraudulent means to reduce settlements, and if you decide to talk to the claims adjuster directly, you may end up saying things that can go against you. Even the top injury lawyers in Roseville don’t take an hourly rate. On the contrary, an attorney will only ask for their due (a fixed percentage of your settlement) after you win. The arrangement allows you to seek legal help even when you are in financial distress.

Get an attorney to review your claim and initiate the investigation to discover evidence.


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