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Register as a Flipkart Vendor – How to Become a Seller at Flipkart

E-commerce is growing today thanks to online shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon. Innovative business models like same-day shipping with cash on shipment and card on shipment, which can be done at a small cost, have actually increased internet purchasing volumes.

Flipkart is one of the most popular ecommerce websites in India. It sold products valued at USD 2.4 billion in 2016. Flipkart’s client base was more than 2.6 million in the financial year 2013-14. Flipkart currently sends more than 5 million shipments per month and has an average of 80 lakh page views each day. There is a huge business opportunity available to Flipkart vendors who wish to market their products.

Here’s a complete guide to connecting with Flipkart, and how you can become a vendor.

How to Become a Flipkart seller.

Selling O on Flipkart . To become a Flipkart seller, an individual or service must sign up with Flipkart. The process can be initiated from the Vendor homepage of Flipkart’s website. An individual or business can become a Flipkart Vendor by providing information about their organization and the products they recommend to sell through Flipkart. You will need to provide certain details and verify them when you sign up as a Flipkart Vendor.

Name of the seller

Phone number of the vendor

Email address of vendor

Pickup address or company address

Flipkart will sell any product that the seller wants to market.

Files for tax obligation registration, specifically GST registration.

Papers for company registration such as Certification of Consolidation and Memorandum of Organization.

There are a few other essential records that must be submitted depending on the type of business being registered:

  1. Sole Proprietorship.

Flipkart would consider any person selling via Flipkart as a sole proprietorship if they have legal standing. A single proprietorship company does not offer minimal protection to the marketer, has no companions or investors and is not transferable quickly and cannot scale up adequately. It also restricts access to bank loans. It is not a good idea to become a Flipkart seller as a sole proprietor.

Evidence of Identification.

A letterhead from business stating that an authorized declaration has been signed indicating that the individual is responsible for and also owns the business checking account.

The ticket of the sole owner

FRYING Pan Card for the single owner

Single proprietor’s ID/Driver License

Any other government identification card with a photo of the seller.

Address evidence

Telephone expenses in the name and address of the proprietor

Bank Account Declaration from the owner

The owner is responsible for electricity costs.

Lease agreement or Certificate

  1. Personal Limited Company

As an Exclusive Ltd. Company, selling at Flipkart is the best option. This allows for limited liability protection for promoters, easy transferability, potential to entail partners or tackle investors, and scale-up operations quickly. These files should be considered for an Exclusive Ltd. business.

Documentation proving identification

Copy of Incorporation certificate or enrollment records of Private Ltd.

Replicate of MOA (“Memorandum of Organization”)

PAN Card for the business

Documentation proving address

The firm charges telephone costs.

The power bill for the business.

Rent or lease arrangement

  1. Partnership Company or LLP

A vendor could register on Flipkart as Partnership Firm. You can register as a Limited Responsibility Partnership (LLP) on Flipkart to have minimal obligation security, a different legal entity, easy transferability, and all the records necessary to become a seller on Flipkart using partnership or LLP business models.

The Evidence of Identity

LLP Consolidation Certification, or Collaboration Registration

Power of Attorney must be properly licensed to a Companion or worker in the case of a Restricted Oligation Partnership or Collaboration firm, for the purpose of negotiating company operations.

Collaboration deed.

PAN Card of Partnership Company (or LLP).

Documents that identify themselves as Companions

Address proof.

Official document that ratifies the address of the Partners

Charge for Partner’s/LLP’s power

Telephone bill for Companion/ LLP

Rental or Lease contract

Partners/LLP: Electricity expenses

  1. Tax-Related Enrollment.

If the vendor is interested in becoming a seller at Sell On Flipkart, and has registered as a service organization for the business they plan to start, the following information would be required:.

Name of the company/entity.

PAN (Irreversible account Number) — PAN card of the private restricted company or specific partnership.

GSTIN (Item as well as Solutions Tax Identification Number) – GSTIN is the seller’s GSTIN for situation products that are to be sold on Flipkart falls under the GST province.

TAN (Tax Deposit and Collection Account Number) – TAN is required to perform TDS (Tax deduction at Resource).

Account opening in the name and business of the entity.

Number of the business or entity’s savings account.

For the above-mentioned checking accounts, use the Bank IFSC Code.

Start Marketing on Flipkart

Once you have submitted the required information, enrollments and papers, your business can start selling products on Flipkart. After completing the Flipkart vendor registration process, the business can open a storefront and list its products for sale on Flipkart.

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