RBT Review – Making Assets Accessible


What makes an asset accessible to retail traders? How can more traders reach the assets they need to build their portfolios? RBT answers this question by connecting its users to various financial markets seamlessly. Furthermore, the platform ensures that users have full access to all their assets at all times of the day. This helps retail traders better handle their portfolios and stay ahead of market-defining price movements.


Our RBT review will help users make the right decision for their trading needs. We will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of using the platform for trading needs. In addition, this review will give you an unvarnished look at the platform without any of the fluff. How will RBT be of fit to you? Find out below.

RBT Pros

Diverse Trading Assets


There are numerous assets available on the platform, and these assets are available to all users.  Some of the assets you can purchase as a user include index funds, options, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and CFDs. Access to these assets will allow users to build solid portfolios with a mix of healthy assets from different financial markets. Furthermore, it would allow users not to be streamlined to an asset class when picking assets for their portfolios, thereby protecting them from sudden price shocks. Overall, users will get more value for their money and bang for their buck.

Mobile Trading App


The mobile app for RBT provides users with a seamless trading experience on mobile. Users can monitor the price of assets, fund their brokerage accounts, withdraw funds, and check asset charts. In addition, the app will give users more flexibility when they trade because they can now trade on the go without any difficulty. The biggest benefit of the app is that its available for all devices, which means that all users will benefit from the ease of trading on their mobile devices. Mobile trading will ensure that users get more out of their trading sessions without sacrificing other activities.

24-Hour Trading


Traders will have full access to their assets 24/7. This unlimited access will expand the scope of their trading activities and allow them more flexibility when scheduling their trading sessions. Access is an important feature for any trader as it allows them to make all their trades within a flexible period. In addition, traders can make more from their portfolios as there are no limitations on how or when they can trade the assets in their portfolios. If you want more control over your trading pattern and unlimited access to the markets, this feature will be a plus.

24-Hour Customer Service


Have any problems while using the platform? RBT provides quick solutions using its customer help desk. Users can contact the customer help desk using any of the available channels on the platform. These channels include email and speaking to a representative on their website. Furthermore, these options ensure that users can solve problems they encounter conveniently and without hassle. Solving problems for users ensure that they stick around and use the service to trade the assets in their portfolio. Finally, it keeps users confident in the platform and allows them to use it without uncertainty.

RBT Cons

Unavailable in All Regions


RBT is restricted to certain regions for various reasons. These restrictions mean that some prospective users cannot access their services. In addition, it will limit retail traders who want to use the service to buy and sell various assets. To know if the brokerage covers your area, visit their website for a comprehensive list. If your area is not on the list, you will have no access to the platform. Therefore, you will have to wait until the service is available in your region before you sign up. RBT is definitely worth the wait.



Using RBT exposes you to more assets on the open financial markets. This is your brokerage if you want to build a dynamic portfolio. Visit their site for more information.



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