QA Aaron Saunders VP Boston Dynamics | Evan Ackerman/IEEE Spectrum


Boston Dynamics recently selected to train robotics dance. The business enterprise VP Aaron Saunders percentage that their robot Atlas were given its movements from the pinnacle professional dancers.
Evan Ackerman and IEEE Spectrum speakme at the stuff said that the video is net-breaking and also a unique video from Boston Dynamics, their robot win the hearts of tens of millions of people over the net.
A Robotic Dance Video Goes Viral: How Did It Happen?
Aaron: One of our colleagues record the video and shared it on his social media from there many brand pages use that video for memes, content material, and promotions. Since then our video gets viral and we received lots of emails and remix motion pictures in which human beings show their enthusiasm. We mixed new tech with vintage-school track.
IEEE Spectrum: What does Atlas do for humans?
Aaron: We are planning to help the human race with the boon of generation. We make generation on hand to all humans.
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