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pubg mobile is a multiplayer shooting game, players can experience a lot of modern weapons in the game, and the operation methods of these weapons are also very realistic, so the player’s aiming ability is very important. So how can players improve their aiming ability?


pubg mobile


aiming method


Pubg mobile has a total of two shooting methods, these two methods are open scope shooting and non-open scope shooting, and open scope shooting is the most commonly used shooting.


Scope Shot:

Open-scope shooting requires a sight, and the sights generally used in Pubg mobile are machine sights, red dot sights and holographic sights. The machine sight is the least used of all sights. The red dot sight is more accurate and more accurate. The player has a very broad field of vision when using it. It is suitable for medium and long-distance burst shooting. Make precise sweeps.

The holographic sight has a very high visibility of the scanning point, which is very suitable for close-range open mirror scanning. Players can choose the appropriate sight according to their own technology, which can make their own aiming technology more accurate.


Shooting without scope:

The usage rate of shooting without the mirror is very low, so it is only used when the player is very close to the enemy, because the accuracy is very low if the mirror is not turned on, so it is not recommended to use this method only in non-emergency situations , because this will have a very serious impact on the player’s shooting habits, causing a serious decrease in the player’s aiming ability.




In addition , the sensitivity in Pubg mobile can seriously affect the player’s aiming ability. If the player’s sensitivity is too high, the camera will shake seriously when the player slides the screen. If the sensitivity is too low, the player will not be able to press down. Hold the weapon, so the player’s sensitivity can play a decisive role in aiming ability.


Pubg mobile sensitivity

How to adjust the sensitivity that suits you, players can use different weapons through the pubg mobile training ground to feel the feel of each weapon, and adjust by shooting and strafing at different distances.




The above is the answer about pubg mobile how can better aim. Players want to improve their aiming ability in pubg mobile. The above two methods are attached to the player’s ability, which can greatly avoid their own shortcomings. Use the theory of knowledge method to improve your aiming ability, but the upper limit of this method is relatively low, so only continuous practice can better improve your upper limit.

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