Pros and Pros and Fox Red Lab


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Have you ever wondered why the Labrador Retriever is America’s most popular breed? We’ll tell you. Labrador Retrievers are known for their unwavering loyalty, incredible intelligence, friendliness, and great personality.

The Fox Red Lab is not an independent breed, but a variation on the yellow Labrador Retriever color spectrum. They have darker coats than the typical yellow Labrador with red highlights all over.

Yellow Labs can vary in color from fox red to light cream, with some variations on their ears, backs and underbelly. The fox-red Labrador is a yellow lab with a unique coat (darker yellow) and it is what sets him apart from other yellow labs.

A Fox Red Lab is a great choice for anyone looking for a pet with friendly disposition or a playful, outgoing, curious furry friend.

There are not many controversies about Fox Red Labs. However, some people do not consider them purebred Labs. What can you expect from this dog breed if you become a parent? Red fox labs make good pets.

The breed has its challenges, just like any other pet. Here are some highlights of the benefits and drawbacks of owning Fox Red Labs.

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1.Striking, Rare Coat

A Fox Red Lab’s unique characteristic is their distinctive coat color.

Except for their coat pigments, they are no different to other standard Labs. Their coats are often darker than normal, which is quite unusual and striking.

Red fox Labs have a thick and short double coat. This includes the outer guard hair that repels dirt and moisture, protects them from elements like UV rays, snow, and a soft inner layer that insulates and regulates their body temperature.

This means that your red labdog will be warm in any climate.

2. Good Trainingability

Labrador Retrievers are number seven high up on the list for the most intelligent dogs. Keep in mind, if you are considering getting a Fox Red Lab, that your doggie will be spending his time learning how to do things around the house.

He will be curious to learn how to open the fridge and fix himself a treat when you are not there.

A Fox Red Lab is independent and curious, unlike other dogs who wait for instructions. This drive and motivation are great for training dogs to adopt new behaviors.

These dog breeds are also very responsive to training because they have a great passion for their parents. Labrador retrievers are now the top dog breed in agility and obedience competitions.

Training your dog indoor calmness, loose-leash walking, no jumping, is the most important thing. To keep your Lab busy, you should ensure that you have plenty of chew toys.

As with any dog breed, fox red Labs can sometimes be stubborn so it is a good idea to work closely with an obedience trainer.

Positive reinforcement and patience are two of the best things you can do for your worst-behaved dog.


3. Socialization Skills


Fox Red Labrador Retrievers are smart and social. They are able to fit into most family structures.

They make great friends and have enough love to share with everyone (kids, pets, livestock, etc.). They have a natural ability to form close relationships with their sharp-clawed, cantankerous cousins: the cats.

You should introduce your dog properly to prevent any unwanted behavior.

4. Emotional stability

Labrador Retriever dogs are known for their stability, which is another great trait. They are happy and sweet for the most part.

They are extremely emotional and will share a strong emotional connection to their owners.

A Fox Red Lab will bring a smile to your face and make you feel good about yourself.

This being said, some dogs of this breed can be very unstable. However, if you give your dog enough play and fun, you’ll have the best puppy for his or her entire life.

5. Great Therapy Dogs

Labs were originally bred to retrieve ducks and fish from primordial trapping. Their soft pouts allowed them to carry prey without piercing their skin.

Many Labrador retrievers are now excellent therapy or support dogs. They are a great candidate for pet-assisted therapy because of their emotional stability, friendliness, and eagerness.

They are intelligent and a great choice for people with disabilities because of their intelligence.

Redfox lab is the best choice if you’re looking for an assistance dog to help a friend or family member who has disabilities.

The Retriever heritage means that the Labradors are able to perform a variety of tasks, including material hauling, rescue, search and rescue, and fish and duck retrieval.

These dogs will be valuable to the police, military, farmers, and hunting enthusiasts (yes, the prey drive for a red-fox retriever is quite high).

5. Health

Labrador Retrievers tend to be healthier than other purebred dogs. Because they were bred long enough to do a hard and useful job, Labrador Retrievers are generally healthy.

Fox Red Labs are physically healthy and balanced. The fox red Lab is healthy regardless of its color. Your pup will not be affected by any diseases that could affect other Labs.

You should be aware of possible conditions such as ear infections, elbow and hip dysplasia and muscular dystrophy. idiopathic Epilepsy and bloat (or gastric dilation).


6. A Soft Pout

Labradors were originally bred to retrieve fowl from lakes and fields. They developed a soft pout, which can’t eat prey but can safely transport it to their destination.

Fox Red Labs are excellent at fetching. They are easy to train to not bite.

7. Highly adaptable

Fox red labs are able to live in almost any environment. Their outer guard hair, which protects them against snow, moisture and other weather elements, does not make them feel too cold.

Their inner coats play an important role in maintaining body temperature, and reducing their sensitivity towards high temperatures.

Fox red labs can live in small apartments, but they do not mind living in large spaces. He will be happy if he is given enough exercise and plenty of attention.



A Fox Red Lab with a outgoing personality and high intelligence can quickly become bored if they are not given the right entertainment. Because of their behavioral issues, many Labradors aged between one and three years old are often placed in shelters.

You need to give your dog more exercise than other breeds. Your canine will be bored if it is not given enough fun and exercise.

You might have to arrange to take your dog for walks every now and again if your home is not large enough.

These medium-sized dog breeds require mental stimulation all day to combat boredom. This is what their intelligence requires. If a Fox Red Lab gets bored, it can become destructive.

Your dog should be challenged on a daily basis. You can teach your dog a new skill or show him how to correctly perform a command.

You can get puzzle toys for your child if you don’t have time. Here’s a list of toys you might like:

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2. Shedding

The double coat of a Fox Red Lab is ideal for keeping him warm in any climate, but it sheds slightly more than other breeds.

These dogs shed regularly, but the most frequent shedding occurs twice a year, in the Fall or Spring.

Their yellow and red fur can be visible more easily than their black, so it’s easy to shed their hairs or blow them out.

You can keep your hair looking great by regular grooming and brushing.

We recommend that you brush your dog’s beautiful fur at least once per week during moderate shedding season and twice or three times per week during heavy shed seasons.

To keep your red labrador’s coat looking great, use a brush made for double-coated dogs.

3. Body Odor

Every dog breed can emit an unpleasant odor, but Fox Red Labs is perhaps the most obnoxious. Because they produce more oil than any other breed, this helps to keep their coats dry and clean.

This can cause body odor. Regular bathing is the best solution.

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4. They may be prejudiced in the Show Ring

A Fox Red Lab is technically a Yellow Lab. This means that they can often be shown in the conformation rings as well as other obedience or performance competitions.

Judges tend to rate them less favorably than their Lab-colored, traditional Lab companions. They are unlikely to win, or even come close to winning.

If you are a competitor and want to show your dog in competitions, you can forgo the Fox Red Lab and go with the traditional colored Labs.

You should also be prepared to move on even if your Fox Red Lab isn’t winning these shows, even if they are the best.

If he wins, you’ll know that he is a rare and exceptional Labrador specimen.

5. More Vocal

The main difference between Labrador retrievers with fox colors and other Labs, is their tendency to be louder.

Canine experts believe this trait is associated with their smaller genetic pool. They suggest that an ancestor who was once vocal could have passed it on.

This means that the trait could have been passed down from one family member to another. This does not mean that the trait is a fox Red Lab trait, but your red Labrador might have it.

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Red Fox Labs: Important Facts

If you are serious about bringing a puppy home, it is important to know all the pros and cons of the red fox dog. It is important to know the history and temperament of this wonderful dog. You also need to know where you can find a fox-red lab puppy for sale.

Let’s get started without further delay…

A. A.

  • Red Fox Lab Average Weight: 55-80 pounds
  • Fox Red Lab Size 22-24 Inches (males); 21-23 Inches (females).
  • Tail Straight, short, and otter-like. It acts as a rudder, aids turning, and propels them through the water.
  • Feet, Webbed to enhance their swimming abilities. You can read more about Non-Webbed Dog Feet vs. Webbed: Is it a concern when you get a new puppy ?
  • Other than the coat color, Recognizable features include: Drop ears and broad heads, large head, strong bodies, expressive eyes, and large (& circular) eyes.
  • Fox Red Lab Life Expectancy : 10-14 Years

B. B.

Fox red is not an official color for Labrador Retrievers, so you can spell it however you like. There are no rules or guidelines about how to spell the name.

It is all about the beautiful coat color of this Labrador! We, like most Labrador owners, use Fox Red Lab often because it matches the coat color.

It is important to mention that many people believe these dogs are fox mixes or crosses, probably due to their name.

This is incorrect. The name fox is used only to indicate color. These dogs are 100% Labs.

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C. Fox Red Labrador History: Where Did Fox Red Labs Come From?

Labrador Retrievers were believed to be a result of Newfoundland Island, Canada’s northeastern Atlantic Coast. They were raised to retrieve fish and haul nets. They were also used as protection and family dogs.

Labrador retrievers have always had the potential to be able to sport all of the colors we know today, such as black, yellow, and chocolate red.

There was a time when black Labrador retrievers were preferred. Other Labrador retrievers were also culled, including Fox Red Labs.

As the years passed, yellow Labradors in lighter colors became more popular while fox red and darker shades became less trendy.

There are still some people who love the darker, fox-red Labradors. This was mostly the working gun community that preferred the darker coat color, as it was harder for wildfowls to spot than the lighter yellow coat.

The fox red Labs were once again popularized by the gun community. Many breeders started breeding selectively in an effort to produce litters of fox reds that would meet the needs of this segment of the community.

These Labradors are believed to be responsible for the dazzling fox-red Labs that we now have.

D. Fox Red Lab Temperament

Labrador red Fox owners tend to believe that their dog’s temperament differs from other Labradors. This is not true. A fox red Labrador retriever has the same temperament characteristics and traits as any other Labrador Retriever, whether they are yellow, black or chocolate.

Expect your Fox Labrador to be friendly, gentle, intelligent, playful, loyal, friendly, and playful.

Your fox red Labrador retriever is a sweet, friendly, calm, happy dog that can be socialized and cared for early.

They can be trained to interact with other dogs and children.

Fox red Labrador retrievers can be driven by instinctive prey drives and may chase other pets. However, proper training can help to prevent this behavior from happening.

Your foxy red Lab will be protective of your family and home, even though they are outgoing.

E. Puppy Colors

Red fox lab puppies are darker when they are born. They will start to lighten up a few weeks later. Over the following months, their coat color will change.

The color will darken slightly, in particular. How can you predict the final color of your adult fox-red lab puppy?

Most experts suggest that you look at your dog’s ears. This is often the closest representation of the final coat color.

Labs reach full maturity when they are one year old and can often attain their full height by the ninth month. Their coat colors will remain the same after they reach 2 years of age.

F. Fox Red Lab Price

A Labrador retriever puppy purchased from a trusted breeder should cost between $900 and $1,000. The red fox color coat is very rare so expect to pay at least $1200.

This is simply a matter of supply and need. As in any other industry, buyers will pay more if there’s not enough supply.

It is important to note that when a breed can be sold on the basis its color, many other important aspects of breeding (such as correct bloodlines or health) are overlooked.

Breeders will be able to make quick money by breeding the color.

Be wary of breeders that charge excessively high prices for red fox lab puppies. They may be cutting corners in health and other important areas.

A reputable breeder will not rush to price puppies different because of their coat colors.

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G. Finding Good Red Fox Lab Breeders

You’ve decided to adopt these adorable dogs into your home. Now you need to learn how to find a puppy. Next, you will need to find a reputable breeder.

Many breeders rush to adopt fashionable colors and end up using crooked breeding methods. They don’t think about important factors like temperament, bloodlines, or working ability.

These tips will help you find a great breeder.

  • Avoid breeders that claim to onlybreed red foxes. A reputable breeder should not place coat color as their top priority.
  • Meet the parents of your puppy. You’ll get a better idea of your dog’s temperament, size, and general appearance.
  • Because the color of your puppy fox red Lab dog is not guaranteed by a breeder, the colors of the coat can change as they age.
  • Red fox breeding is the best way to get a puppy. If one parent of the puppy that you are interested in purchasing is yellow, the adult labrador redfox dog will likely be yellow.
  • Only deal with breeders who will show you proof of health screenings such as CERF and OFA certificates.

We recommend checking with AKC if you are unable to find a reliable breeder in your area. You will often find puppies of fox red Labradors for sale. These puppies are either available for immediate purchase or are in the process of being born.

Rescue centers are another great option for your puppy. Rescue centers are in dire need of parents, so if you can get one from a shelter, it will do a lot to help the dog world as well as your community.

H. H.

Labrador Retrievers generally are recognized by AKC. They were accepted into the organization for the first time in 1917.

The organization, along with many major kennel clubs worldwide, does not recognize fox red Lab as a distinct color. It is considered a minor variation of the yellow Labrador.

AKC permits fox red labs, however, to be registered as yellow Labs. This is because they don’t consider the darker color to be a disqualifying colour.

AKC does not recognize silver or charcoal labs as colors.

I. Is Fox Red Labs a purebred?

Some canine lovers are skeptical about the purity of the fox red Labradors’ coat color, particularly when it is compared with other traditional Lab colors such as black, chocolate, and paler yellow.

Some claim these Labs were bred untruthfully to benefit from their rare colors. Are fox red labs purebreds or are they hybrids?

The short answer to your question is yes. These Labrador Retrievers are purebred Labrador Retrievers that have a long history dating back to the beginning of the breed.

These dogs are recognized by AKC and major kennel clubs worldwide as purebreds. They only have a slight variation of the yellow Labrador.

J. J.

As you may have seen, not all Fox Red Labs are the same. Some have lighter shades of fox red while others have darker shades. What makes them different?

All of them are fox-red Labs. The variation of the shade is a mere expression of a pigment commonly referred to as Pheomelanin.

A dark fox-red labrador is a dog that has a darker coat than a light fox-red Labrador.

K. British vs. Amerian Fox Red Labradors

What’s the difference between American and English Fox Red Labs? Most people will cite only two things: their physical appearance and their temperament.

English fox red labs tend to be shorter and have more pronounced features.

They are calm and gentle because they were bred to be show-off dogs.

The American fox red lab, on the other hand is shorter and thinner than the American fox. It also has a narrower face. It is more energetic, more hyper and intelligent.

L. Is Fox Red Labrador Retriever related To Vizsla?

The short answer to this question is NO. Although some people mistake Labrador retriever red Fox dogs for Vizslas , these two breeds are distinct .

A Labrador retriever red Fox dog is a purebred Lab. There is currently no scientific connection between them and Vizslas. They have a similar appearance, with the same coat color, large ears and facial expression.

If you are familiar with the breeds of these dogs, however, it is easy to distinguish them. A Vizsla, for example, is smaller and more athletic than a Fox Red Labrador retriever.

M. M. Are red Labs Rare?

Fox red Labs aren’t as popular as traditional colors. Because of the complexity of inheritance, it is not a priority to breed foxtail Labradors.

Therefore, Labrador retriever buyers tend to favor fox red Labs.

N. N.


Here are some things you can do to take care of your Fox Red Lab.

  • Regular brushing: Your Labrador should be brushed several times per week to distribute his natural oils. This helps to keep the coat healthy and protects it from the cold.
  • Grooming – Like all dogs, the Fox Red Lab requires regular grooming. When your Fox Red Lab’s nails make a clicking sound when he walks, you should trim them. To keep your dog’s coat clean and shiny, you should bathe him with dog shampoo. A dog shower attachment can be installed if you have a large dog. Make sure your dog is bathed every day with toothpaste designed for dogs. This will prevent dental problems.
  • Ear Care Red Fox Labs are prone ear infections because of their large, floppy ears. They can become breeding grounds for bacteria when dirt and water are trapped in their ears. This can lead to painful infections. To prevent ear infections, make sure to regularly clean your dog’s ears and check for wax and dirt buildup.

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  • Bring your Labrador to the pool. A Labrador just loves to splash around in the water as much as you. Don’t miss the chance to take your Labrador swimming whenever you have it. Consider rewarding him for a successful training session by letting him jump in the lake or pool.
  • Purchase a leash Fox Red Labs should have a 6-foot leash for walking in public. You can choose from nylon, rope, or chain to ensure comfort for your dog and you.
  • Get a collar for your dog. A collar keeps your dog’s tags in the right place and ensures effective training. There are many collars available on the market that will suit your dog’s needs, including a choke collar and a traditional collar. You should choose one that suits your dog’s needs.
  • Excitement and fun: Labradors are a stable, happy, and healthy breed. Go for walks or jogs together with your Labrador, play fetch and give them puzzle toys.
  • Lots of food. Labradors are fond of eating. This is actually scientifically proven. Labradors do not possess the POMC gene which tells them when they are full, so they are hungry all the time. You should ensure that they have enough food to meet their nutritional needs. They need about 3 cups of food daily. To give your Labrador extra energy, ensure that he has a healthy diet rich in protein. Premium dry food is another great option for Labs. If this study shows, Labs can be obese. Therefore, it is important to closely monitor your dog’s diet and prevent any weight gain. We recommend that Labs eat small amounts of food, but they should be fed often (3 times per day).

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  • Check your Labrador for common health conditions. To ensure your Fox Red Lab is healthy, make sure he’s tested for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia , muscular Dystrophy , and Idiopathic Epilepsy.

O. O.

These books will help you get to know your fox-red lab better.

  • The Complete Guide to Raising, Training and Caring for Labradors by Kim Campbell
  • The Complete Labrador Handbook for Prospective and New Labrador Owners by Linda Whitwam
  • Labrador Retriever Training By Brittany Boykin

Final Thoughts

While a fox-red lab is just a variation on the yellow Labrador retriever’s shades, it is an appealing variation for Labrador owners.

They are gentle, intelligent, sweet-natured and empathetic. They make excellent family dogs as they are easy to get along with.

You can’t go wrong with this sweet dog.

Don’t be afraid to show your love and intelligence while they give you their best.

You can feed them well, train them and take them for walks or exercise. You can reap all the benefits that come with owning a Fox Red Lab.


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