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Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds: Which is Better For You

You are already aware of the plantation shutters and blinds but still looking for specific information on both of these products. You are at the right place. Blinds and shutters both of them are effective for controlling light and privacy maintenance. However, there are so many other things that you should consider while choosing the best window covering treatment between the two of them. 

Most people choose window covering treatment based on their looks and budget range. Only product understanding is not sufficient to choose the right window covering treatment. You need to understand their functionality and features. You also have to find a budget-friendly solution that is suited for your interior decor. 

This article will help you determine both products’ benefits, product details, and disadvantages. So, keeping this in mind will help you to choose the best window covering treatment between them by reading their comparison. Plantation shutters and blinds come with different things, such as:


  • Fabrics material
  • Functionality and Mechanism
  • Composition
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic
  • Cost


All the above factors should be considered before choosing the blind vs. shutters. First, let’s start with their basic understanding. Also, Buy Blinds Online At the lowest price from Blindsondemand. 

(1) Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are a popular window covering treatment that can cover a full window or frame, which can be split in half to provide maximum lighting and airflow. A closed shutter will give complete privacy and avoid outside nuance. This is the best solution for window covering treatment because they ideally fit in the window and don’t require any other space. 

It can cover the entire window space, including the top rail, and is tilted inside mount for easy cleaning and inside the living space of your home or office. It has a wider range of styles, fabric materials, and color options. It offers a traditional look to your living area and offers low-cost maintenance. Purchase Plantation Shutters Online at affordable prices. 

(2) Venetian Blinds


Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats and are made out of either faux wood or metal, which can be hinged together. It can close and open by a system of cords attached to louvers. Blinds are excellent for light control and privacy maintenance. During the day, it will provide light protection, and you can also adjust light control throughout their home space. 

It provides a modern touch to your interior decor, whether you have a rustic, traditional, or modern home. Venetian blinds add a stylish and polished look to your window, improving your home’s look. A wider range of color and fabric selections makes it easy for you to find better options for your home based on your furniture design. It is an ideal solution for smaller spaces and is also paired with drapes and curtains. 

Plantation Shutters Vs. Blinds: Which Is Better For You?

As I said earlier, I’ll discuss all the factors that show the difference between these products. So, let’s check them out in detail.

(1) Fabrics material


A plantation shutter is made up of materials such as polypus, aluminum, PVC, or composite materials. 

Venetian blinds are made of different materials, such as plastic or wood. Also, Choose Sheer Curtains Online, because used high-quality fabrics material.

(2) Functionality and Mechanism


The plantation shutter comes with adjustable slats that control the light entering your space and insulate against the weather. It can also come with lockable catches, which add double protection against intruders. They require heavy construction but are still greater on-demand than blinds. 


Venetian blinds are easily adjusted; you must choose vertical or horizontal slats. With adjustment features, you can elevate light control. They are made up of light material, so it takes up less space, especially when they are rolled up. 


(3) Composition


Plantation shutters are mounted on the window’s side. They have roller, solid, or slatted arrangements. 

Venetian blinds are available in slats and roller designs. Each of them is top mounted and doesn’t possess rigidity which is held aloft. 

(4) Durability


Shutters are more durable than blinds. They are often made of solid wood or other material, whereas blinds are made with plastic or metal, which break down more quickly. Shutters are better options for long-run investment. 

(5) Aesthetic Look


Shutters are known for their classic and traditional beauty with timeless appeal. They are easy to clean and require low maintenance. 


Venetian blinds offer a modern look and are available in a wider range of colors and material options, allowing you to choose a customized look that suits your style. 

(6) Cost


Shutters are more expensive than blinds. But if you look out for long-run shutters are the best option for your window covering treatment. 




It is your point of view if you think shutters are better options or blinds are better options. Both of them have different pros and cons; you have to choose the best one based on your preference. According to the various factors, I have mentioned all possible differences. So, based on your needs, you can choose the valuable window covering treatment for your home. 

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