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Get healthy printable meal plans.

When I finally lost weight , it was because I was counting calories and creating a calorie deficit while following a meal plan.

This is the page that lists all of the meal plans that I have followed. They are all based on real food that I ate in order to lose weight and maintain it.

My current plan includes between 1200-1500 calories. These are the meals I plan to prepare:

  • Breakfast: Oats and eggs
  • Lunch – Green salad with protein
  • Snack is a protein shake, bar, or treat.
  • Dinner: Vegetables and protein.

Below are all my free meal plans! This 1200 calorie meal plan is my most requested right now. Meal Ideas. Based on the template, it includes breakfast, lunch and snack as well as dinner. Other diet plans have I used in the past few years. There are many options for weight loss and diets. You can find special diets, calorie counts, shopping list, macro counts and many more. These meal plans will help you lose weight. You can choose from any one of the meal plans to calorie count, low carb, high in protein, or control portion sizes. The following are other popular meal plans available on the site: Free

  • 1500 calorie macro meal plan (40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat)
  • 1200 calorie, high protein meal plan
  • 1200 calorie, low carb meal plan
  • Bright Line Eating Plan
  • Portion Control Plate Meal Plans for 7 Days!


  • New! My 1200 calorie, 30 day plan! It’s seriously so good!

You can find a pre-written meal plan below. I also have some. blank meal planning printables We can even create our own meal plans! These include:

  • 5 Day meal planning printable. (With all food groups)
  • One-Day Meal Planning Guide (Perfect for Kids!)
  • The calorie-counting food planner

This post will help you lose weight. counting calories Before you begin planning your meals

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