OnlyFans shares its new policy banning sexually explicit content


On Thursday, the site that shares images and videos, OnlyFans, revealed plans to stop allowing “sexually-explicit content” starting October 1st. We’re not yet sure what the reason is for changing it so dramatically, but it has released the latest version of its Terms of Service policy to the creators behind the site. It outlines the specifics of what’s not allowed in the future.

The comparison of the latest OnlyFans Acceptable Use Policy to the old one will make the new additions obvious:

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Don’t upload, post or display content on OnlyFans that

  • shows, promotions, and advertisements, or even refer to “sexually explicit conduct,” which is a reference to

  • Sexual encounters, whether real or simulated, such as oral-genital anal-genital or oral-anal with any sexual orientation;

  • real or simulated masturbation.

  • any display of an individual’s genitals, anus, or anus that is extremely offensive or offensive to anyone;

  • Actual or simulated bodily fluids are typically released during sexual activity.

  • Every existing piece of content that promotes, encourages, or mentions “sexually explicit conduct” (as defined in Section 5(b) of the Policy) should be removed before December 1, 2021, or at any other time we notify users.

Other provisions of the policy, such as those that prohibit deepfakes, drugs, or violence, are not changed. In an email sent to OnlyFans’ creators, the site stated that “Content containing nudity will continue to be allowed as long as it is consistent with the policy.” Posts may show parts of the body, but making explicit posts (or zooming too closely) is a sign that they are in violation. Any violation “may lead to your account being suspended or terminated, and access to your earnings being revoked.”

OnlyFans has built its billion-dollar company and brand around sex workers who provide exactly the type of content that’s now being blocked. The creators of the content now have until December 1st to erase any trace of content that’s been deemed unacceptable from their profile.

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