OEM Unlock: How to, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages


Are you curious about OEM unlocking? Do you want to unlock your device’s potential? Do you want to customise your phone with your favourite features?

This post is for those who answered “yes” to all the questions.

What is OEM Unlocking on Android Devices?

“OEM” stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Sometimes, it is also known as “jailbreaking”.

OEM unlocking refers to the procedure where the unlock ability flag of your device is changed from 0 to 1. This is usually done by the original equipment manufacturer company. It is called OEM Unlocking.

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The manufacturer has locked the bootloader so that no unauthorised access can be gained to your device. We will talk more about this next.

Let’s talk about the bootloader first.

What is a bootloader?

You might have heard the term “booting” if you’ve ever stepped into the early days of technology.

Booting is nothing more than a process that runs iso images on your device. The programme that does this is known as a “bootloader”.

Booting is the process of creating a bootloader that will run an image.

Is unlocking the bootloader safe?

It is safe, but only if your tech skills are high. Otherwise, it could cause your device to malfunction.

The bootloader is only complicated when it is locked again.

OEM Unlocking is done by the manufacturer according to the established process. The manufacturer might reject your warranty request due to software updates.

It is best to be familiar with the process.

Is my warranty voided if the bootloader is unlocked?

Yes, in certain cases, except when there are software problems while installing custom-ROMs or thirty-party applications.

Redmi, among others, allows it.

We ask that you confirm the procedure with your device.

Why is OEM Unlocking Necessary for Android Customization?

OEM Unlock is a key component of Android customization. It is the first step in the customization process. You cannot customise your Android smartphone unless you have the OEM unlock code.

Let’s look at a simple example to understand the importance of this feature. Let’s say you have a smartphone manufactured by a large manufacturer. Now you want to experience stock Android using the Pixel Experience ROM.

To do this, you must first unlock your bootloader in order to install a custom recovery and then flash the Pixel Experience Rom. To unlock the bootloader, first turn on OEM Unlock on your Android phone.

The pros and cons of OEM unlocking

The pros of OEM unlocking

  • This unlocks administrative settings and the bootloader, which allows you to download custom firmware, kernels, and other software.
  • It allows you to install blocked apps.
  • It allows users to create partitions and delete pre-installed junk.
  • You can also install custom ROMs.

The Drawbacks of OEM Unlocking

  • Third-party installations will permit unauthorised access to your device.
  • It will prevent access to secure apps such as Paytm and other banking apps like Netflix, etc.
  • If the loading is not done correctly, it could cause data loss and even damage your phone.

Android allows OEM unlocking.

  • First, enable Developer Options. To do this on your device, go to Settings-> About Phone-> Software Information.
  • Tap on Software Information seven times to enter your pin or pattern.
  • It now allows developers to choose.
  • To enable OEM Unlock, simply toggle the switch to the right in the developer’s options.

A few options on your device may differ depending on your device build.

Android OEM unlocking is disabled.

If you wish to disable OEM unlock, then follow the same steps as above to do so.

  • The App Drawer will open the Settings app.
  • Select “System Settings.”
  • Scroll down to Developer Options.
  • To disable the OEM Unlock feature, simply go to the OEM Unlock tab and toggle the switch to the left.

If you have any questions regarding the OEM Unlock article or want to know more, please comment below on any topic we should discuss.

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