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No Numpad? No problem! No Problem!

Sometimes you just can’t live with out the number pad. This article will show you how to repair the number pad either physically or virtually.


Have you ever bought a mini-keyboard or laptop only to find that your numpad is missing? A lot of Windows applications work better when a numpad is present. It can be easy to overlook its importance until it is gone. However, not everyone needs a full-size keyboard. Very few laptops have numpads.

Even if your keyboard does not have one, there are many ways you can use the numpad. Windows has built-in options, but there are many other options. These solutions can be used to provide a keyboard or numpad for your computer.


1. Windows 10’s Onscreen Keyboard

Windows 10’s on-screen keyboard has a virtual numpad you can use. Although it is not as fast as a keyboard numpad, the customizable options make the on-screen keyboard an excellent numpad emulator.

There are several routes you can use to access the onscreen keyboard. To open the onscreen keyboard, hold down the Windows keys + CTRL + O. This will bring up the fastest route. The same keyboard shortcut can be used to turn the onscreen keyboard on and off anywhere.

These steps will allow you to navigate Windows’ settings.

  1. To open Settings, press the Windows key +
  2. Select Easy Access
  3. Select Keyboard from the left sidebar.
  4. Under Use On-Screen keyboard to turn the slider to

There will not be a number pad when the keyboard appears for the first time. Click the Options link in the lower right corner. Next, check To turn on the numeric keypad. When you are done, click OK

To bring up the keypad, click on the NumLock switch.

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You can now type numbers from the numpad by clicking on the keyboard. You can hover your cursor over the key to replace a mouse click if you choose the hover over keys option. You can adjust the hover duration to control how long it takes for it to register as a click.

You can reduce the size of the keyboard to focus on the numeric keypad if you don’t want to use the in-built keyboard.


2. Numeric Keypad Emulators

A numpad emulator is a more specific and space-saving alternative. There are many options available, but you need a virtual numberpad that meets your requirements.

Numpad Emulator provides a range of options, including the ability to change the keys on the numpad and the ability to place special symbols with alt codes, without requiring an actual numpad.

The virtual numpad can be used without any customizations and works as well as Windows’ onscreen keyboard.

Download Emulator Free

3. Laptop NumLock

Many laptops have a hidden numberpad that can be activated with the NumLock key. The number pad will be highlighted in a different color than the regular keys, usually gray or white. They often share the keys 7, 8 and 9 in the top number row if you are trying to find them.

Locate the number lock key to activate the number pad (usually labeled NumLock or Num Lk or NUM). Once you have located it, search for the Fn or Al keys. Press the Alt or Fn key together with the number lock key if the color of either the Alt or Fn key matches the alternate numbers.

The number lock key lighting can be turned on or off to let you know that you have succeeded. The alternate keys can now be used as the numpad on your laptop. Use the same combination of keys to lock number lock.

4. Number pads for iPhone and iPad

You can use your iPhone/iPad as a numpad, but there are not many features that directly support Windows.

Image Credit: Edovia Inc.

NumPad works with Windows if you connect to it using a VNC server like TightVNC. Although the iOS app is more expensive than an external numpad, it’s still much cheaper and takes up less space.


Download Numpad (3.99)

Download TightVNC Free

5. AutoHotKey can be used as a number pad

AutoHotKey provides a great built-in solution for those who don’t have a laptop or an on-screen keyboard. For beginners , we have a quick AutoHotkey tutorial.

Here is a script to allow you to use the Caps Lock key for sending your number keys as numeric keyspad keys.

SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff #If GetKeyState(“CapsLock”, “P”) 1::Numpad1 2::Numpad2 3::Numpad3 4::Numpad4 5::Numpad5 6::Numpad6 7::Numpad7 8::Numpad8 9::Numpad9 0::Numpad0

This script prevents your Caps Lock key’s normal function from being performed. But how often do you actually use it?


You can use the Caps Lock key to toggle numeric keypad keypad keys. Replace the first two lines of text with this one

#If GetKeyState(“CapsLock”, “T”)

Your numbers will now function as keypad numbers when the Caps Lock switch is turned on.

AHK and the numpad can be used to automate repetitive tasks and do many other useful things. You can solve almost any problem if you are willing to try new things.

6. Purchase an External Numpad

An external numpad is a good option if you use your numpad often. External number pads sound exactly like they do: small numpads that can be connected to your computer via Bluetooth or USB.

This option is the most expensive, but it makes it very easy to use the numpad keys on your computer. It is infinitely quicker to enter large numbers using a physical keyboard.

No number pad? No Problem!

You’ll find the right solution for you with the six options. An emulator or an external option can help you type faster, no matter if you use it every day or just occasionally.


These options are ideal for anyone looking to purchase a TKL keyboard. This allows you to still enjoy the sleek form factor of TKL keyboards, but you don’t need a numpad.




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