Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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No Mercy In Mexico complete video

TikTok is being featured in the horrifying ” No Mercy in Mexico” trend and the viral clip is receiving lots of views. This horrific and shocking video of two fathers and sons being murdered has created an uproar across the web. Apart from being heart-breakingly brutal, this grievous video depicts a horrific crime being committed.

The terrifying ” No Mercy in Mexico” trend has led to a rise in videos that others on the internet are sharing in the same type of trend with some showing women who are brutally struck by an object. Sharing any of these videos is strongly discouraged as they’re disturbing to the core.

In the video the father and his child are brutally murdered in Mexico. The boy is lying on the ground, crying as he looks at the horrific death of his father while a group of men attack the father, and then hit him with knives and sharp objects.

The individuals in the horrific video that is striking the father and the boy are believed to be members of a gang in the police. The father clearly is suffering from severe discomfort.

Here is video.




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