Nimble Robotics scores $50 million for its technology for fulfilment automation.


Nimble Robotics, a warehouse automation company, announced today that it has raised $ 50 million in Series A funding. It was led by DNS Capital and GSR Ventures and included Accel as well as Reinvent Capital. This funding will help the company roughly double its headcount in the coming year. 

It was created by former Stanford PhD student Simon Kalouche. The system uses deep imitation learning, one of the most popular concepts in robotics research, which helps the system to improve and map its surroundings by reinforcing. 

“Instead of letting it sit in a lab for five years and creating this robotic application before it’s finally ready to deploy to the real world, we deployed it today,” Kalouche clarifies. Kalouche. “It’s not completely autonomous, but it’s autonomous for about 90%, 90 percent of the time. The remaining 5-10% are controlled by remote humans; however, it’s reliable for the first day, and it’s also reliable after 10,000.”

Nimble is one of several robotics companies that has been able to draw the interest of COVID-19. The illness has led to rapid growth in development of e-commerce as well as an interest in automationthat has resulted in a huge curiosity about the technology that can be used to fulfill warehouse orders. Nimble has also benefited from the quick adoption the technology.

“We’re not the only robot to sort and pack, then place and put business on the market. “We’ve witnessed rapid growth and we have many robots for production,” Kalouche tells TechCrunch. “A significant majority of people use robots to work in places where warehouses are located. We currently have many robots working and the number is expanding rapidly. “These is the machines that are creating and taking in hundreds of thousands of daily orders for the customers we serve.”

Alongside the major capital raising, the company added two prominent names to its board of directors. Fei-Fei Li, professor in computer science and engineering at Stanford University, and Sebastian Thrun the founder of the Udacity’s Kitty Hawk.

“Nimble addresses both reliability and integration concerns,” Li who invests of seed firms, claimed in a press statement that was linked to the announcement. “Their robots are constantly making decisions in massive production for over one year for many of the biggest retailers around the world. “They’ve developed an AI-powered platform which makes integration fast simple, easy, and effortless for the customers who shop at their locations.”

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