Mike Majlak Net Worth 2022: his YouTube Earnings Revealed!


Mike Majlak is a YouTuber and entrepreneur who has an estimated total net worth $1.5 million by 2022. His birthplace was in Milford Connecticut, he now lives in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube has rapidly become one of the most popular social platforms for podcasting and people who wish to publish their personal stories. A lot of YouTube influencers make up to seven figures per year. Mike Majlak is a man who is a master of on the YouTube game. He’s now a hefty online celebrity who became famous for his appearance Logan Paul’s podcast program “Impaulsive”. Shortly after his appearance featured on this show, his fame and wealth began to rise.


Prior to YouTube Mike Majlak began as a social media marketing manager for Nice Guy Promotions. He later became a blogger for the Essential Foodie and worked as a sales manager for marketing for LoveSac furniture manufacturer. Mike’s ability to sell that allowed him to build his online profile. Mike made money from being featured on Logan Paul’s show that enabled him to make 2.5 millions LoveSac chairs in a single day. Mike Majlak Vlogs was born out of an increase in Logan Paul podcast popularity. The vlogs of the comedian are used to showcase his work throughout the week. The YouTube blog is home to 2.6 million subscribers, and has more than 300 million views in 2021. With a vlog that is a dynamite one with this kind of size it can keep his viewers entertained, while also earning huge YouTube earnings.

How Much Money He Makes

Mike can generate approximately 200,000 views each day. He earns about 1600 dollars per month from AdSense revenue. YouTube offers between $2 and $12 per 1000 views that are monetized. That means that Mike Majlak’s annual earnings are estimated at $563,200 when he blogs about his everyday life. It’s a great stress-free job, and a fantastic method to earn money for someone who has an experience in marketing. Alongside the YouTube earnings, Mike also makes money by selling brand products from companies such as The Dollar Shave Club.

The year 2020 is when Mike has also published a new book titled “The Fifth Vital” which is a different source of steady income! The book has been a huge success and has already become an Amazon top seller. The book chronicles his life through the addiction process and the traumas the author endured prior to getting his life back to normal. The internet is abuzz with rumors that accuse Mike of copying stories from his childhood friends, and paying the people off to purchase silence.

Relationship Status

Mike Majlak is currently single Mike Majlak is currently single after ending his relationship from Lana Rhoades in February 2021. Lana was one time a porn actor who retired. According to reports, Logan Paul was responsible for introduction of the couple. They fought constantly and decided that it was the right time to end their relationship. Soon after their relationship was over, Lana Rhoades announced she was expecting a baby.. There’s speculation that one of Mike the basketball star Kevin Durant is the baby’s father.

Mike Majlak is a man who has a strategy. He is a self-made millionaire who is passionate about videography and making videos with his famous pals. As a YouTube star, he’s getting close to living the life of his dreams. Watch one of Mike’s videos via YouTube and Instagram.

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