Mazayah Legend Andrews and his $20 Million Dollars Story


In today’s world the population can easily be divided into two different categories; ones that inspire and ones that get inspired. The ones that set examples for other people to follow are usually dream chasers, innovative, hardest workers in the room and live with a champion’s mindset and winning lifestyle. These people lead a life that allows people to learn and earn, sometimes not intentionally. Today, the man that has caught the attention is Mazayah Legend Andrews, known for his multiple businesses and lavish lifestyle. While the world usually looks up to individuals that work in a specific direction and with successful careers in a single niche, Mazayah is one that inspires by pursuing his multiple passions. He motivates and inspires the masses as a multipotentialite, convincing the masses that everything is possible when there is a will, motivation, and dedication.

Born in a place where opportunities rarely knock at the doors, Mazayah built his destiny by creating opportunities for himself and now he is doing the same for his coming generations. People like Mazayah, they help instill hope in people’s hearts and minds, convincing them to step out of their comfort zone regardless of how difficult the situation is, follow their dreams, and build their lives the way they always have wanted. Serving as true leader for this world, every person who inspires and motivates must be brought under the spotlight. Making connections, building relationships and building successful businesses is what makes Mazayah a unique individual. Mazayah believes in helping people crack the code and unlock answers to the issues they confront. He is driven by a desire to diagnose and resolve challenging problems

Successful people with power and fame are always the center of attention and even their worst mistakes bring invaluable lessons to people looking for inspiration and motivation. One of the incidents that was an eye opener for Mazayah is that when in a drug bust at his residence that he rented out, Miami Police found about $20 Million stuffed in buckets. Anyone in this position would have been totally terrified but Mazayah dealt with this situation with patience as he had no connection with the tenants. He came out of the situation not guilty.

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