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Marisol Yotta: the Truth About the German OnlyFans Star

Marisol Yotta, a well-known Berlin fashion model, social media personality and content creator, is also a businesswoman. Her bold OnlyFans content that she creates together with Bastian Yotta, her German rich husband, is what makes her popular in her home country. Marisol’s net worth is $2 million as of 2022.


Marisol Ortiz was her legal name before she married Bastian. She is 34 years old as of the date of this writing. Her birthday was June 16, 1987. She was born in Berlin and raised there.

She grew up in the same hometown as her siblings and cousins. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker. She was raised in a Christian family.

Sources claim that she graduated from a prestigious German university. There is no information on her degree. It is known, however, that Marisol began her modeling career immediately after graduating from college.

Modeling Career

Marisol was always interested in modeling since she was young. Marisol jumped at every opportunity she could. She didn’t waste it and is now a successful entrepreneur.

She is a popular Instagram model and influencer with 569,000 followers. This number will only grow as she continues to post on her account.

Her work with well-known brands earned her the title Queen M. from fellow Germans. It wasn’t an easy path, as she needed multiple surgeries to achieve the body she now has.

Wedding to Bastian Yotta

Bastian Yotta, a multimillionaire tycoon, proposed to Marisol in Jan 2021. They were married in a lavish ceremony less than six months later. According to reports, they had been together for a while before they finally decided to get married.

Bastian is a writer and reality TV star with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion. His Playboy Mansion lifestyle was made famous by photos of him earning $100,000 per month.

Marisol Yotta stated that her and her husband have been passionate since the beginning of their journey. This allowed her to improve her modeling skills.

OnlyFans Success

Marisol and Bastian both started their OnlyFans careers in September 2020. This was even before they were married. The couple initially planned to create their own OnlyFans profiles, treating it as a competition.

The couple now collaborate to post X-rated content on the seductive subscription website. This platform is now her main source of income. Subscribers can pay $15.99 for 28-day access.

Still receiving deals from modeling agencies, bikini brands and advertising campaigns. In 2022, her growth on OnlyFans continues to be strong. She shared even a story about a man who paid her $3,000 for a coffee date.

Personal life

Marisol Yotta resides currently in Dubai. She lives the luxurious lifestyle of her husband and shares photos from her extravagant home and multiple deluxe vehicles.

Although she’s doing well financially, the model has been open about her struggles. She stated that she is trying to repair her relationship with her parents, as they aren’t supportive of her current endeavors.



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