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Many popular VPN services are owned by companies with shady track records, like London-based Kape Technologies, which also owns VPN review sites

Many vpns based in London have launched new

I’m done paying for the virtual private network, which claims to guard your privacy while connected to a Wi-Fi network that is public in a nearby coffee house, airport, or even a hotel.

Since the beginning of time, security experts have advised the use of a VPN to safeguard your internet traffic from hackers who want to spy on your online activity. However, just like tech devices get old, so do the technical tips.

The truth is that internet security has advanced so dramatically in the last few decades that VPN services, which cost more than Netflix in monthly subscription fees, are now a great security option for those concerned about privacy, according to a few security researchers.

A lot of the most well-known VPN services are less secure than before since they’ve been acquired by large companies with questionable histories. It’s a big problem in the case of using the VPN service, which encrypts the traffic on our Internet. If you aren’t able to trust an item that claims to safeguard your privacy, what does it have?

“Trusting these individuals is essential,” Matthew Green, a computer scientist and researcher who is interested in encryption, said of VPN providers. “There’s no method to determine the way they’re using your information, and they have enormous amounts of control.”

I discovered this through trial and error. For a number of years, I enrolled in the most well-known VPN service known as Private Internet Access. In the year 2019, I heard the announcement that the service was purchased through Kape Technologies, a security company based in London. Kape was previously known as Crossrider, which was mentioned in a research paper published by Google and the University of California as part of an ecosystem of companies employing ad-injection technology that can be malicious.

Over the last 5 years, Kape has also bought various other well-known VPN services, such as CyberGhost VPN, Zenmate, and its most recent acquisition, ExpressVPN, in a $936 million deal. In the year that was, Kape additionally bought a collection of VPN review websites that provide the highest ratings on the VPN services it manages.

A Kape spokesperson said that Crossrider, which has since been closed, was a development platform that was used by hackers with the intention of distributing malware. She added that Kape’s VPN review sites adhered to their editorial standards independently.


“It is an alarming precedent from the standpoint of the consumer,” said Sven Taylor, the founder of the blog Tech Restore Privacy. “As users go online to find details about the product, do they realize that what they’re reading may have been created by the company that controls the final product?”

  • Many VPNs, including the new Kaspersky VPN, are based in London. 

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