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Manic Panic Hair Dye Review

Manic Panic was my first choice when I started to be interested in dyeing my hair crazy colors. Manic Panic offers a variety of colors, Manic Panic is simple to use, Manic Panic this. There are many YouTube videos that feature them. It was tempting, so I decided to try it. Is it worth the hype or is it worth it? We have the answer to all your questions in this Manic Panic Hair Dye Review.

What’s it all about?

Manic Panic was founded in New York City on July 7, 1977 by two sisters who were also singers in the Blondie line-up. Manic Panic offers three types of hair dyes. The “High Voltage Classic Cream Formula”, the “Amplified”, which lasts longer than high voltage and the “Creamtone”, for those who prefer pastel hair. All hair dyes can be used semi-permanently and are made from vegan ingredients.

I reviewed the Manic Panic Classic Cream Formula in Deep Purple Dream shade. This is because: 1) I like dark colors and 2) Amplified are sold out at the only Philippine store that stocks them.


APPLICATION It’s easy to apply Manic Panic, as everyone has said. It doesn’t require you to mix it with conditioner, peroxide or any other substance. It is ready to use. It was easy to apply because of its creamy texture. Manic Panic’s consistency is similar to your moisturizer. However, you need to have a light hair color in order to achieve the desired shade. You must tone and bleach your hair before you apply this product if you are not a natural blonde. You should have a level 10 blonde. (READ: 5 Things Asians Should Know Before Getting Pastel hair).

PACKAGING This product is packed in a jar, similar to peanut butter or jam. It contains 40z. It is a hair dye. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require me to transfer the dye onto a bowl, unlike other hair dyes. It was easy to use with my brush.

SMELL It smells like candy. It’s either that or it’s very sweet in our bathroom.

RESULTS My hair felt moisturized after applying it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for my level 7 blonde.

Instead of the Deep Purple I was expecting. This is the real story of my hair: a grey with hints pale violet. This is how it looks under bright light. This is what it looks like in natural light:

My hair is multi-colored. There are a variety of shades: some shades are gray, some green-ish, others pink-ish, and some hints violet. The craziness was something I liked, and it turned out to be a favorite of many people. Many compliments were given to me! This color lasted only for one week. After one and a quarter weeks, my hair began to turn back to level 7 blonde with hints green.

PROS It moisturizes hair and is so simple to use. It doesn’t require you to mix any ingredients. The jar packaging is also less complicated.

CONS : Shades and expensive products won’t work unless your hair is really light or blonde. They are also easy to fade.

Manic Panic High Voltage hair dye is disappointing. This product is not up to the hype. Other brands are more durable and pigmented. They are suitable for brunettes. However, I haven’t tried the Manic Panic amplified. It lasted longer than the High Voltage.

Where can I buy

You can still get Manic Panic High Voltage for $20 by purchasing a 4oz jar on Asos. You can buy them in Rainbowhead Ph for just Php700 if you’re in the Philippines.

Let me know what you think about my Manic Panic Hair Dye Review. Are you getting the same results with it or are you using another brand? Please share it!




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