Maguad Siblings Video Shows Dead Body Actual Photos: Suspects Names Revealed


Watch: Maguad Siblings Video Shows Dead Body Real Photos The names of the suspects are revealed The murder of three siblings in Maguad has attracted a lot of attention on social media because everyone wants to know the truth about what happened. The death of siblings in Maguad by three men who are not identified is one of the most searched topics on the internet, especially Twitter.

There have been a hashtag #JusticeforMaguadSiblings and everyone seems to have joined the campaign. The trend was first noticed on Twitter and police officers are being investigated to investigate the matter to ensure justice for those who are siblings to Maguad.

Many people have heard of the news but others don’t. In this article we’ll provide more details as how this took place.

Maguad Siblings Video

The brothers of Maguad were murdered by stabbings on the 10th day of December 2021 as per our sources. Three men walked into their home and took away the lives of the beautiful children.

The incident occurred about 2 pm on 10 December in Barangay Bagontapay which is where the brothers of Maguad resided. The only victim was who was able to escape the murder by hiding inside a small space in their home, which made him from being killed as well.

This video featuring the two siblings is now trending on Twitter.

Maguad Siblings Suspects Names Revealed

Another victim wrote a blog about the situation and sought assistance. But, the police are trying to bring these criminals onto the same page to ensure justice for the children.

Apart from giving you information about the incident The video footage of the murders is available through Twitter.Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and many more.

Maguad Siblings Video Explained

This is a tragic story and the authorities have promised the public that they will make every effort to bring the perpetrators on board. Of the victims were children one is one of the relatives of Maguad who was able to escape the murder by hiding in a small space.

There is a reward of PHP50,000 and PHP200,000 offered to anyone who can find or share information on these murderers. Keep an eye on us until we return to inform you of which authorities have been contacted.

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