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LinkedIn Premium: Is it worth paying for? Three Things to Consider

Find out everything you need about LinkedIn Premium. Learn what you get, and whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it.

LinkedIn is a free service that can help you build your professional network. If you have used LinkedIn, you will know that it attempts to encourage you to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium frequently. Is LinkedIn Premium worth the cost?

This article will cover everything you need about LinkedIn Premium. We’ll show you how much LinkedIn Premium costs and the benefits that LinkedIn Premium offers. Also, we’ll tell you if LinkedIn Premium is worth the investment.

What is the cost of LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium has four different price tiers:

  • Premium Career $29.99/month
  • Premium Business: $59.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Professional: $99.99/month
  • Recruiter Lite: $139.99/month

Remember that LinkedIn Premium does not include sales tax. This could be an issue depending on where you live. You can also save substantial money by paying annually.

We’ll be discussing each tier later. Each tier has its own features. Premium Career is the most popular option for LinkedIn users. You can expect to pay $29.99/month or $239.88/year.

LinkedIn Premium is available for free for one month. The trial will give you an idea of the benefits that these features can provide in your search for a job. The benefits of LinkedIn are not only long-term but also have many other benefits. You can use LinkedIn for much more than just job searches.

LinkedIn Premium Features

Let’s begin with the basics of Premium Career:

  • Five InMail messages per month.
  • Check out how many searches your profile has been in and how many people have seen it in the past 90 days.
  • Applicant Insight.
  • Additional information about the jobs available and Top Applicant Job suggestions.
  • Additional information about salaries
  • Access to learning videos on-demand
  • Interview preparation.

These two features are the most appealing of Premium Career. LinkedIn Premium offers a great benefit: you can message other users without having to connect with them (or be in the same group).

Here are the benefits of LinkedIn Premium at each level:

  • Premium Business provides additional information on businesses and unlimited person searches. You will also receive 15 InMail messages each month.
  • Sales Navigator Pro offers advanced search filters, 20 InMail message, the ability to make notes about user profiles, and many other sales tools.
  • RecruiterLite provides powerful search tools, projects and other features that are focused on recruiting. This top tier also allows you to send more InMail messages per month than before.

Remember that LinkedIn Premium can be cancelled at any time.

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LinkedIn Premium Benefits

We’ll be focusing on Premium Career as most people are interested in it.

Premium Career is a way to connect and find a job. This is what LinkedIn Premium could be worth.

Premium Career’s InMail credits will be extremely helpful if you are looking for a job. You’ll get insight into who has viewed your profile and other job information.

InMail allows you to reach out to people working at the companies you are interested in, without having to first connect with them. It is a great tool for networking.

If you visit someone’s profile with LinkedIn Premium, you will see a padlock next to the Message link if you haven’t connected with them. InMail will not display that icon so you can message them directly without any connection.

It is hard to overestimate the value of looking at who viewed your LinkedIn profile. These people can be reached out to recruiters, and you can also use your InMail credits for help to those who seem like valuable connections.

You may also find additional job information useful. LinkedIn will show you if you are a good candidate for the job.

Premium Career does have some limitations. LinkedIn will not show you results if you do too many people searches at once. If you are serious about connecting with people, you will need more InMail credits.

This is where Premium Career vs. The Premium Business distinction is where it all comes in. Premium Business includes 15 InMail credits, unlimited people searching and a great way to make connections. The additional information that you find about businesses might not be of any value to you.

These two levels are intended for recruiting and sales professionals. You probably know a lot about these products if you are considering them. Segmentation, suggestions and email integration are all features that can help you excel in your job.

The Reasons LinkedIn Premium is Worth It

Here are three reasons why LinkedIn Premium is worth your consideration if you are still unsure.

1. Check out Who is Looking at Your Profile

First, you can see who has looked at your profile. Although it might not seem like much, it can be a huge help in making valuable connections.

LinkedIn profiles are being viewed by many people. Some are recruiters. Some are managers and executives looking for employees. Many of these people are professionals in your field who want to network professionally. LinkedIn Premium is worth the investment.

Even if you aren’t looking for a job right now, there is a good chance you will in the future. Being well connected with others in your field is a great advantage, even if you’re not looking for a job.

If someone looks at your profile, that means they want to know more about you. That’s enough reason to reach out, whether by InMail or via a connection request. How to message recruiters via LinkedIn in the right way.

2. Improved Metrics Available

LinkedIn Premium allows you to see information about your competitors when you apply for jobs. Applicant Insight allows you to see who applied for the position, their qualifications and whether your skills match up.

These statistics will help you identify the needs of potential employers and determine if you are eligible to apply for the job.

LinkedIn Premium allows you to view your profile views and search appearances.

This may not seem like an important thing. This is a great way to increase your LinkedIn profile, which you should! It’s a great way to measure your success. This means that you will get quick feedback on how your LinkedIn profile has changed.

3. Get the LinkedIn Premium Badge

A LinkedIn Premium account will help you to be more prominent on LinkedIn. Although it may seem insignificant, the little gold icon that appears in your profile and in search results indicates that you are serious about using LinkedIn to make connections.

It might surprise you at how seriously people take your badge. It is a valuable tool for professional networking and job search.

Are You Willing to Invest in LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium investing is basically investing in yourself. LinkedIn Premium can help you find your next job or advance your career if you use it correctly.

You must ensure that LinkedIn Premium is available before you can use it. Your profile will not be at its best and you won’t be able to make connections on LinkedIn Premium.



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