Khalyla Kuhn: The Truth About Bobby Lee’s Wife


Khalyla Kuhn, a podcaster and social media personality, is also well-known for her husband, stand-up comedian Bobby Lee. Bobby Lee is worth $1.5 million while Khalyla’s net worth is estimated to be about $200,000. Although the couple is well-known in the entertainment industry, Khalyla is less well-known. Here’s everything you need to know about Bobby Lee’s wife.

Who’s Khalyla Kuhn,?

Khalyla Shangra Kuhn, 37 years old, was born in Cebu (Philippines) on October 31, 1984. She is mixed-ethnic, having been born to Egyptian and Filipino parents. Her family moved to the United States and she grew up there with Julia, her sister.

She graduated high school and enrolled at college to study biochemistry. She was a tutor during her studies, helping struggling students in anatomy, microbiology and physiology to supplement her income.

Although she was always a fan of mixed martial arts and sports, her life changed when she met Bobby.

Bobby Lee: How did she meet her?

They met through the famous dating app Tinder. They exchanged texts before they agreed to meet. They became officially engaged after their first meeting.

Bobby chose to keep their relationship secret at first. They got married in New York City in 2016. Bobby and Khalyla were not widely publicized in their marriage, which is quite different to most celebrities.

Khun gained a following of fans who became aware of their relationship. Their marriage was not easy.

Are They Still Together

There are no reports that Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kushn divorced or were separated in 2022. It’s understandable that some people might ask about their splitting. They’ve experienced many marital problems.

In 2018, she caused controversy when she joked about her husband. Bobby’s money was the reason she said she wouldn’t have married him if it wasn’t for that. Many fans were offended by this. She later shared her side via Twitter.

In 2019, she was also accused of cheating on Brendan Schaub. Bobby became suspicious after they had had text conversations. It was later proven that they were only talking about sports matters. Later, Khalyla discovered that Schaub had messaged her at Christmas asking for a meeting. This is likely why Bobby Lee hasn’t done a podcast in several years with Schaub.

How did Khalyla become a podcaster?

Bobby Griffin and Erik Griffin had intended to collaborate on a podcast. They were not able to collaborate due to scheduling conflicts. Khalyla was admitted to the hospital with a heart condition. With nothing else to do, she decided that she would start a podcast.

It was named the TigerBelly podcast. The intro music was composed by her husband. It focuses on issues that affect Asian Americans and has now attracted 673,000 listeners.

The beauty, in addition to growing her YouTube podcast, is also building up followers on other social media platforms. Khalyla Kuhn has over 316,000 Instagram followers and uses it to promote her personal ventures.

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