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Ken Gutzeit: Tulane Student Stabbed to Death in 1976!

One of the episodes of Netflix’ Worst friend Ever depicts the story of professional dancer Bachman who used his academic degree to trick and scam his roommates and house owners. However, he’s believed to be influenced by an event that he witnessed whereas he was a student at Tulane University. Ken Gutzeit, conjointly a student from Tulane University, was injured to death with a jackknife ahead of his friends by a person named Randell Vidrine in 1976. recognize everything concerning however and why the murder took place. Some on-line queries revolve around Tulane decapitation.

Worst friend Ever, a replacement Netflix true-crime series, explores variety of perturbing stories of living things gone wrong. it’s a true-crime documentary series made by Blumhouse tv ANd relies on an Intelligencer article of constant name.

The series tells four real stories concerning horrifying roommates, starting from con artists to killers. This section considerations the horrific murder at Tulane University.

friend Wanted, the two-part finale of Worst friend Ever, returns to the subject of the first article: professional dancer Bachman. Bachman was a serial squatter who terrorized lots of roommates over the course of many decades.

He immersed himself into people’ lives victimisation his legal degree and pleasant attitude, step by step winning their trust, solely to reveal his darker aspect subsequently.

However, it’s believed that professional dancer was extremely influenced by an event in Tulane University wherever he was having dinner with one amongst his friends and was later dead ahead of over 24 students.

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Worst friend Ever: Everything you would like to grasp concerning The Tulane Student Who Was injured to Death

professional dancer Bachman’ traumatic expertise witnessing the murder of his shut buddy, Ken Gutzeit, throughout his time at Tulane University was elaborated within the final 2 episodes of the Netflix crime series Worst friend Ever.

In 1976, a murder occurred at the letter Chi chapterhouse in New Orleans. Ken Gutzeit, a highschool friend of Bachman’, was consumption dinner at the fraternity home with him. Randell Vidrine, 25, suddenly met the house and stabbed Gutzeit multiple times.

Vidrine worked as a library assistant at Tulane University and had addressed  Ken Gutzeit months before concerning intense food within the library. Vidrine requested that he leave, however Gutzeit refused, inflicting Vidrine to contact field police to possess him removed.

Randell Vidrine was passing by the letter Chi fraternity home on Jan 29, 1976, once he chanced on Ken Gutzeit. Ken is believed to have tried to encourage Vidrine into a fight, but Ken unbroken on walking.

Vidrine came back to his housing with a jackknife and went towards the frat house, wherever he attacked Ken eventually cutting his throat.

Randell Vidrine cut the victim’ neck and left the scene as fraternity members’ tried to seal the wound however in vain. The Tulane pupil lost to his injuries and died on the scene, despite their best attempts.

Ken Gutzeit was injured on the aspect of his neck, and therefore the knife smashed through his artery artery, inflicting his death.

Details on Netflix’ Worst friend Ever Netflix Episodes

Worst friend Ever could be a horrible Netflix series concerning violent con artists and cold-blooded killers who reveal a number of the worst living experiences imaginable.

It carries 5 episodes with four strange nevertheless horrible stories concerning friends who had to expertise it. Let’ have a fast cross-check its all episodes and its stories.

Episode one – decision Maine grandmother

Dorothy Puente maintains a boarding house for the less fortunate, however her apparent compassion hides abundant deeper motivations.

Episode a pair of – watch out of the Quiet Ones

once Maribel Ramos, a university student, goes missing, detectives target her roommate K.C. Joy, who was the last person to visualize her alive.

Episode three – Marathon Man

Youssef Khater, a magnetic athlete, commits fraud in various nations, ending in violent attacks on multiple victims.

Episode four – friend needed (Part 1)

professional dancer Bachman’ former roommates make a case for however the dark, shivery man manipulated his means into their homes and so refused to leave.

Episode five – friend needed (Part 2)

Bachman’ former roommates detail the actions they took to do to expel him from their homes, further as his brutal retribution and therefore the saga’ terrible end.

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