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Keemokazi Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Kareem Hesri?

Keemokazi who’s real name is Kareem Hesri is a musician as well as a rapper, actor and social media celebrity. He is famous for his TikTok followers that he built through many pranks and sketches are performed on his YouTube videos. His content has also earned him popularity on Instagram as well as YouTube. At the time of his 2022 birthday, Keemokazi has a net worth of $1 million.

Early Life

Hesri is born in California, USA, on November 29th 2002. He is the sole boy within a family of six children. His sisters are Sima, Sara, Saby, Serene, and Sophie. Their dad is businessman and their mom, Nina Hazem, is an influencer on social media.

Kareem is from Arab origin and is an Muslim. However, since Kareem was born in the US He has said several occasions that he’s not fluent in Arabic.

The child attended an area private school to begin his education. He then attended an area high school. It is also known that he does not have any plans of going to university.

Rise to Fame

Keemokazi began his career as actor. A lot of his fans don’t know that he appeared on the show The Last Ship for two episodes before launching his career on the internet.

Even though he had film work, his main intention was to begin his own music career. Therefore, he set up the TikTok account. While music was his primary priority, Hesri noticed that a large number of users were getting noticed for their absurd videos.

So, he experimented with a few ideas for content at first however, after one of his jokes went to the top of Google, he decided the focus should be on creating similar stunts. It was successful, and now he is a fan of 26.4 millions TikTok followers.

Music Career

Once he gained the popularity and the following, Kareem decided to center his attention on his music career. He began to release his songs through SoundCloud in the year 2017.

The rapper and singer’s debut song was called “Foreign”. The song went viral on various online platforms. Later, he began to upload music to Apple Music and Spotify.

His most popular songs are ‘New Kid’, “Philosophy” and “Feel’. The album he released as his debut, Keemo VS. Kazi was launched in the year 2021. One of the tracks, King Of My City has racked up more than 1 million views just two weeks after its release.

Net Worth and Earnings

Apart from TikTok, Kareem shares his music and other content through his YouTube account with 957,000 members. With the help of YouTube ads Kareem earns anything from $8,700 and $138,000 per year.

Additionally, he earns money through partnerships and sponsored posts with various brands and products. That’s how he earns part of his earnings through the platforms of Instagram as well as his TikTok accounts. Album sales and sales streaming services also make up his $1 million fortune.

Personal Life

Keemokazi is currently single. He hasn’t been seeing anyone recently. There’s also no indication that he’s been involved in a relationship at any time in his past. The focus is on his work in addition to helping the family. He purchased his first home at the age of 18.



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