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KaiOS-powered Smart Phone Receives Latest Africa Push WhatsApp

KaiOS Technologies, maker of KaiOS announced today that it added WhatsApp to its KaiStore. This is in partnership with Facebook, which owns WhatsApp.

KaiOS stated that its users can download WhatsApp to their KaiStore devices with 512MB or 256MB RAM. The big news is that all KaiOS-powered smart feature phones will come pre-installed with WhatsApp by Q3 2019.

“KaiOS has been an important partner in helping to bring private messaging across smart feature phones around world. Matt Idema, CEO of WhatsApp, stated that WhatsApp’s integration with KaiOS allows for friends and family to be connected in a simple, reliable, and secure manner.

KaiOS is doing the right things. The farm has added WhatsApp to its content and is now able to reach over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users worldwide.

Low-cost feature phones that can be used to call, text and WhatsApp friends and family around the globe will allow users to do so with these low-cost devices. KaiOS and Jio partnered last September to launch KaiOS JioPhone India, which is a prime market for the low-cost phone.

The $20 Sanza was launched in 16 countries across Africa and the Middle-East by KaiOS and Orange five months ago. The phone was launched in Botswana and Burkina Faso as well as Cameroon, Cameroon.

The mobile operator announced that its customers in Mali and Burkina Faso will now have access to a new range of smart feature phones powered with KaiOS. A special offer (voice/text/data starting at $US 20) will allow customers to optimize their budget.

The new phone gave users access to apps such as Twitter and Facebook as well as Orange Money (the mobile-based money transfer service and financial services) and YouTube. KaiOS has fulfilled its promise to put Africans on the map and introduce them to the digital economy with today’s launch WhatsApp.

McKinsey reports that 12 distinct and large ecosystems will be created around fundamental human needs. They will generate $60 trillion in revenue by 2025 or about 30 percent of global revenues. These ecosystems include insurance and mobility, as well as housing, wealth protection, and services for B2B. Africa’s productive population is at risk if smartphones are not available. KaiOS is therefore better equipped to help the continent’s poor and unemployed access the global internet ecosystem.

A little history: KaiOS was created from the Firefox OS source code and made public as B2G (“Boot To Gecko”), an open-source product that is community-driven. KaiOS Technologies, which is the company behind KaiOS, is based out of San Diego, California (USA). In 2017, the firm launched its first version, bringing “dumb phones” to the global internet ecosystem. This was done in an effort to “help close the digital gap by bringing mobile connectivity for the billions of people in emerging markets without internet access”.

KaiOS Technologies, a company that provides connectivity to the world, has received funding from companies such as Google and Reliance Jio in India.

Sebastien Codeville (CEO of KaiOS Technologies) said, “We are thrilled to bring WhatsApp on the KaiOS platform and expand such an important means to communication to a new demographic.” We strive to make digital services and the internet accessible to everyone. Offering WhatsApp on low-cost smart phones is a huge step towards that goal. We are excited to see billions of users connecting in meaningful ways with loved ones, their communities, and other people around the world.

KaiOS-powered smart feature smartphones are a new category that combines the best of both feature phones and the essential features of smartphones. These phones meet the growing demand from Africans and other emerging markets for affordable smartphones.

KaiOS-powered devices can run popular apps like YouTube, Facebook and Google Maps. The KaiStore apps are tailored to reduce data usage and optimize user experience for smart feature phones users. KaiOS powers over 100 million devices worldwide in more than 100 countries.

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