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Just for Laughs: Funny & Weird Phone Numbers

We all know life can be boring at times. It’s why little, silly things are what we should enjoy and appreciate. Funny things such as weird phone numbers that leave funny voicemails. Some were meant to sugar the deal, while others were intended to be a prank on the people we love and hate. Others were to end creepy stalker vibes. Are you looking for something to provoke a serious reaction in someone? You’re ready to share your opinions about Moon lamp?

First, how do these numbers exist?

Let’s first understand what prank hotline numbers are before we get into their awesomeness. You purchase a virtual number from a cloud-based phone solutions provider, like GlobalCallForwarding. Record your voicemail greeting and place it in the box. Then, pass the number on to the recipient.

You can also use vanity numbers. These numbers are made up of repetitions or letters that spell out words or spell out a word. These numbers can be funny and leave a lasting impression. Many businesses have vanity numbers that can be 1800 toll-free numbers such as:

  • 1-800-GO-FEDEX for FedEx customer support
  • 800-GIANT-MEN is a moving company
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK is a junk removal firm
  • 1-800-HURT-NOW personal injury lawyer network
  • 800-DOG-POOP is a pooper scooper company

For the funny phone numbers part

What do you need to break bad news? To make a deal with Santa To learn what happened to Hopper during season 3 of Stranger Things. Have a great day with these funny phone numbers!

Admissions Office in Hogwarts: 605-475-66961

Potterheads, alert! Are you a Potterhead? Call us now for information on how to navigate to platform 9 3/4 and other admission details. This is not the right place for you, Muggles.

Santa: 951-262-3062

Are you eager to see what Santa brings this Christmas? To hear a Christmas message, call Father Christmas at any time.

It Could Always Suffer More: 605-475-964

Are you feeling down? The ‘It Could Always Suss More’ hotline will help lift your spirits or make things worse. It could always suck even more. That’s a comforting thought, right?

Murray Bauman 618-625-88313

Are you still thinking about Stranger Things season 3? Murray Bauman might have the answer. He may have a message for Joyce Byers.

Rejection Hotline: 605-475-6968

Have you ever had someone ask for your number repeatedly? Here’s a number to help you set them straight. It’s best to keep it on your nightstand for something creepy.

Better call Saul at 505-503-44455

Do you need a lawyer who can give you the best advice? Saul Goodman and Associates are available to help. They will not rest until your case is resolved. You are now in good hands.

Bad Breath Hotline 605-475-66959

Are you having trouble telling your coworkers that their bad breath is bothersome? These things are difficult to spot. Instead, send a note to the Bad Breath Hotline number. Let them know.

Keep an Idiot Entertained Hotline 605-475-96962

Do you want to make fun of your annoying cousin? This hotline targets intellectual level. It may seem harsh to some, but it is possible. (Truth hurts, doesn’t it?) It’s all good humor, after all!

Callin’ Oates: 719-26-OATES

You need some Hall and Oates music in your life, but you don’t have the right music. The Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline can help you choose from the following songs: Maneater, Rich Girl and One-on-one.

Sobriety Test Hotline 605-475-66958

You can’t tell if someone is drunk or sober. That should be enough to tell you. You can always call the Sobriety Test Hotline to get the answers you need.

Stop complaining: 605-475-96973

Do you know anyone who complains about first-world problems all the time? Do you know someone who groans and whines inconsiderately? Are you aware of someone who needs perspective? This hotline could be for you.

Author Bio Meryl D’Sa reads and writes about literature, travel and communications, history and relationships.



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