Juan Lopez: Juan Lopez, Jenni Rivera’s Marriage, Trip To Jail, and Death


Juan Lopez is also the second husband to the Mexican- American performer Jenni Riva.

Juan, a drug peddler, was later discovered and arrested for trying to abuse and sell drugs.

This secret was quickly discovered by the police, who arrested Juan after just two weeks of their marriage.

He was caught by police trying to smuggle undocumented migrants. He was sentenced to six months in jail.

Trust us, it’s crazy enough that we are only scratching the surface.

After six months in prison, Juan and Jenni had children. The marriage ended in divorce.

Juan, after six years of divorcing, died in prison from a severe pneumonic condition.

Juan Lopez’s Wedding with Jenni Rivera: An Intimate Look

Juan Lopez Pardo, also known as Juan Manuel Lopez Pardo, was a well-known drug dealer. He was accused of various drug abuse charges and selling drugs. He was subsequently sentenced to prison and died in 2009 from severe pneumonia.

Juan Lopez, however?

Jenni Rivera was in desperate need of help after a divorce.

In 1992, Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin’s eight-year relationship came to an abrupt halt. Juan and Jenni’s positive vibes increased after their marriage was over. Their friendship was not new but the feelings they shared would take a different turn.

Both were married in 1997 and they promised to be together through thick and thin. Six years later, however, the promise was broken. It was broken in 2003.

In six years, the couple had two children: Jenica and Johnny. Later, things came down to the divorcement.

Jenni was able to move forward in her life, as she married Esteban Loaiza, a major league basketball player, in 2010.

It was her third marriage, which would also end in divorce. Why? Esteban was accused of having an affair with Chiquis, their oldest daughter.

It will help you to remember that Jenni Rivera also accused Esteban of the same thing.

Jenni “discovered” that her husband had been sexually molested their daughter Chiquis, Jenni’s brother. Some may be skeptical about Chiquis’s sexual inclinations, considering that she was Marin’s child.

Juan Lopez’s Trip To Jail & Death

Juan Lopez was found guilty for undocumented smuggling of immigrants. This was a serious offense that could not be ignored. Juan was sentenced to prison. He was in jail for six months, before he was released and resumed his marriage to Jenni. They had Jeneicka (daughter), Juan Angel (son), also known as Johnny Angelo.

Juan was taken into custody only two weeks after their marriage. Rivera supported Juan for six months, but their love won.

Juan was later charged with drug abuse and selling of drugs. Juan was not aware at the time that this would be his last visit to the prison. He won’t get his life back, but death is closer to him.

Juan developed severe Pneumonic symptoms while he was in prison in 2009. With each passing day, the situation became worse. Juan was unable to live any longer and died as a result of the


Juan Lopez’s illegal occupations were so powerful that they brought an end to everything, even his life.

It is clear that Juan’s life direction was greatly affected by his divorce.

Jenni married for the third time after they split. Juan, on the other hand was busy until he was caught trying to sell or abuse drugs.

Jenni’s third marriage ended in divorce. She accused her husband, Chiquis, of sexually mooting their oldest daughter.

Juan was running out of time. He was 37 years old and was suffering from severe pneumonic symptoms.

His condition was too severe for him. He died in prison, on July 14, 2009.

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