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Jen Psaki Net Worth 2022 How Rich is Jen Psaki? White House Secretary?

Jennifer Rene Psaki, popularly known as Jen Psaki, is a member of the Democratic Party who is presently working as White House press secretary in the Biden administration. Jen Psaki was in the same position during the time that Barack Obama was the president of the United States. At the time of writing, Jen Psaki has a net worth of $2 million.

Early Life

Born as a child in Stamford, Connecticut, Jen’s birthday falls on December 1 in 1978. She has a mother named Eileen has a career as psychotherapist. Her dad, Dimitrios, worked as an investor in real estate. The girl is Irish and Polish origin.

To further the purpose of her studies, Psaki attended Greenwich High School and graduated in the year 1996. Psaki went on to The College of William & Mary to pursue studies in English along with sociology.

Her degree was awarded in the year 2000. In the college, she was part of a sorority known as Chi Omega. Two years ago, she competed in school competitions in backstroke swimming.

Secretarial Career

She was born in 2001 and began her career as a volunteer for the election campaigns for Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack. Then, Psaki worked as the press secretary deputy for John Kerry’s presidential campaign. John Kerry.

Psaki was appointed by President Obama in Obama’s White House as deputy press secretary. Then, in December of 2009 she was promoted to the Deputy Director of Communications. She resigned from the post for a while, only to resume her role as press secretary in the year 2012.

In the following years, Jennifer Psaki started working as an CNN political commentator in February of 2017. She quit the network’s multi-national news organization after Joe Biden was elected president. Biden was inaugurated as president in the beginning of 2021.

Future Projects

In an interview with the media on June 6, 2021 Jen declared that she would quit her position as press secretary after one year. Jen stated that it was now time an alternative to step up to the role.

The reason is her three-year contract with the cable channel that is based on news MSNBC. It is believed that she could be offered the opportunity to work as TV host. However, this hasn’t yet confirmed.

There are rumors that she may retire by May 20, 2022. At present, Jen Psaki is still working in the role of United States’ 34th press secretary.

Salary and Net Worth

Psaki has an annual salary of $180,000 to serve as a White House official. White House. Jen Psaki will be supplied with subsidised power, 24-hour security and other benefits as part of her job. In addition to her primary job she also earns a profit through real estate investments.

She has seven properties which have the value of $30.65 million. Jen is also expected to earn upwards of $14 million from MSNBC in the near future, which will make her wealth more substantial. However, for the moment her net worth remains at $2 million.

My Life

Psaki was married to his political Assistant Greg Mecher in May 2010. In 2006 they were introduced in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The secretary’s husband was once the Congressman Steve Driehaus as chief of staff. He also held the same position working with the Congressman Joe Kennedy. Presently, Jen and Greg are happily married and have two kids.

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