Is your phone constantly disconnecting from WIFI? Here’s how to fix it


Are you having problems connecting to your office or home network? Does the problem occur on a single Wi Fi network or on all networks? Don’t worry. We have solutions. Is your phone suddenly disconnected from Wi-Fi networks minutes after you have established a connection? Is this something that happens frequently or often? This article can help you no matter what the problem is. Let’s get to it.

Does the problem only affect one Wi-Fi network, or all networks? Perhaps you’re trying to log in to check your messages or search car titles loans online but the Wi Fi won’t allow you to connect.


Sometimes, re-establishing a connection to the Wi Fi network that is constantly disconnecting can fix the problem. This is how you can fix the problem on your Android phone.

Step 1 : Open the Settings menu on your phone.

Step 2 Choose ‘Network and Internet’ option.


Android OS will attempt to connect to the strongest signal strength if there are multiple networks within your range. This is a great feature. The downside is that your Wi-Fi connection will disconnect and reconnect every time you switch to the best network.


While some apps can help you make the most of Wi-Fi networks on Android, they may also cause problems with your device’s functionality. VPNs and Wi Fi Prioritizing apps are two examples of such apps. You can temporarily disable or turn off any such apps that might cause interference to your network.

You should turn off or disable antivirus apps that are installed on your device. This will help to resolve the Wi-Fi disconnect and reconnection issues. This worked for some Android users.


This issue can also be fixed by resetting your Android phone’s network settings. A network reset is a process that refreshes your phone’s Wi Fi settings, cellular network settings and Bluetooth settings. This will fix any connectivity and network issues that may be present on your device.


Most people know that restarting your phone, or any other device, can fix certain issues. This long-standing troubleshooting method could also be used to fix Android Wi-Fi issues that keep disconnecting or reconnecting. Just tap and hold the Power button on your phone and choose Restart.


Also, make sure your phone can access the internet. If it is, your device may not be able to connect to the network. If you have access the router’s admin panel/dashboard and can unblock your device if it is blacklisted or blocked, Contact someone who has access to the router’s admin panel if you don’t have it.


Check that your router is not blocking or blacklisting your device. Restarting a router can usually fix connectivity problems. Restart your phone and check if it reconnects to the network. If you’ve completed the above steps, you might have solved your problem. If you experience a suddenlink failure, then please click this guide. BCA IT Miami can assist you with your technology needs.

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