Is Your Eatery Tasting Success with Customers?


There is little to no doubt that running an eatery is a full-time job and then some.


That said, how much success have you been tasting with customers?


If things in fact could be better, are you willing to put the time and money into improving things?


Make Sure Customers Get Your Best Effort Each Time Out


In doing all you can to please your customers, here are some things you want to zero in on:

  1. Customer service – Never overlook how important top-notch service is at the end of the day. Without it, you could be out of business before you know it. You want to do all you can to please customers and show them how important they are to you. So, review your service efforts on a regular basis. Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Also do all you can to get feedback from customers. This is a good way to go about better serving them each day.


  1. Quality products – When you run an eatery, it is expected your products will be fresh and appealing. That is to both the eye and taste buds. So, how confident are you that your products pass the test time and time again? As an example, if you are serving hamburgers or similar meals, the bun can’t be stale. As important as the meat and other items are, the customer sees the bun first. As such, you want a premium bun to present to your customers. You also want to be sure your other products are going to be appealing to each customer coming to you. It only takes one bad customer experience to turn some people off. That said, make sure any vendors you work with know how key quality and timeliness are to your operation.


  1. Competitive prices – How good would you say your prices are for the average customer coming to you? While some people can afford to pay whatever the bill is, many other people are searching for deals. So, while you of course need to make a profit, be sure you are not overpricing time and time again. If you are, it can lead to customers going to your competition. That is if the pricing and quality of products prove better than what you have to offer them. Also look at providing some discounts along the way. Such discounts can be for seniors, people with military service, young children and so on.


  1. Solid brand promotions – Last; make sure you do a good job when it comes to promoting your brand. With all the competition you may be facing, you want to be sure your brand does not get lost in the shuffle. Use all the available resources to give your brand the promotions it deserves. This would include your company website, social channels, your small biz app and more. Also being active in the local community is a good way to put positive vibes out there about your brand.


In doing all you can to taste success, make sure folks know how important they are to your daily efforts.




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