Is Tom Holland The New Doctor Who? Clever April Fools Prank Tricks Fans


It’s the 2nd of April and people on the internet remain swindled by the April Fools jokes.

Is Tom Holland The New Doctor Who?

Although the time of pranks has passed but a number of the most famous tricks are still being shared through social media.

Deliveroo has made it clear that pineapple pizzas of all kinds will be prohibited, and Walkers has come out with a brand new product dubbed “Sandwich Crisps,” but this isn’t all.

Tom Holland was rumored to be the next Doctor Who, but it proved to be an April Fool’s prank which was a snub to the delight of fans…On April 1st, the news was released about Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man, was going to be the next Doctor Who.

The story began by posting a fake story published on the DoctorWhoTV website, which publishes updates on the British sci-fi television show.

Clever April Fools Prank Tricks Fans

“25-year-old Tom The Netherlands is to play the Doctor, it had been declared by the BBC, Sony photos and unhealthy Wolf today,” the report said.

He was represented by the actor as having a “very recent and fashionable approach” for the “clean slate reboot” of the show with a convincing tale.

“Holland will create his debut following many specials that may air in 2023 as a part of the sixtieth day of remembrance celebrations,” the statement continued.

The article, which was ranked on the first page in Google and appeared entirely authentic, was captivating… up until you’ve read it.

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