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Is my computer equipped with Bluetooth? What to do if it doesn’t have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a mature technology that can be used by keyboards, mice and webcams as well as headphones. Bluetooth has made great strides since the early days of frustrations, when two devices would not pair. The protocol and devices have advanced and can (usually) pair in seconds. They also work perfectly.

You should be able pair any compatible device as long as your computer has a Bluetooth receiver. Here are some ways to determine if your computer has Bluetooth.

How to tell if your Windows Computer has Bluetooth

It is very easy to check if your computer supports Bluetooth. This works on both a laptop and a desktop.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start Button, and choose Device Management.
  2. If the entry is there, then you have Bluetooth.
  3. For a Bluetooth entry, you can also search Network adapters. Bluetooth capability is available if it’s present. If it’s not, you don’t have Bluetooth capability.

This exception is only if you have reinstalled Windows and not used Bluetooth after setting up everything. It is possible that you have not installed all drivers. This would mean it might not show up in device manager. Check the manual or website of the manufacturer if you purchased the computer. Check the specs of the hardware that you purchased if you built it.



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How to tell if your Mac Computer has Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a standard feature on most Macs. This means that even if your Mac was given to you, it can still be used. This is how you can be sure.

  1. Open the Apple menu or About this Mac.
  2. Select System Information… now to generate a report about all hardware connected.
  3. To find out what you have, search Bluetooth.
  4. If you’d rather, you can also check System Preferences. You can find Bluetooth in Internet & Wireless. This works on both a laptop and a desktop.

How to tell if a Linux Computer is Bluetooth enabled

You can use a simple command to find out if your Linux laptop or computer has Bluetooth capability. This command will work on both laptop and desktop computers.

  1. grep -i blue’ and hit Enter. grep Bluetooth’ to tell if you have Bluetooth.
  2. Bluetooth is if you see the return listing of hardware. If you don’t see a listing for hardware, it is not Bluetooth.

Linux users should be aware that not all Bluetooth modules are compatible with some Linux kernels. The query above will work on most modern hardware, but it might not return the correct result if you are using an exotic or custom-built kernel. It worked perfectly on Ubuntu and Zorin. It is possible that your mileage might vary.


How to add Bluetooth capability to a computer

If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, but you still wish to use it for other reasons, you will need to purchase some hardware. You can choose between mPCIe cards with antennas and USB dongles to connect Bluetooth adapters. The computer you are using and the situation will determine which type of Bluetooth adapter you choose.

Bluetooth mPCIe adapter card have stronger signals and greater range because they can pull more voltage from larger aerials. They work best with a computer. A USB dongle is better if you have a small-sized PC or laptop.

Prices range from $15 to $45, and adapters are available in all sizes. Some adapters are Bluetooth-only, while others can be used in combination with Bluetooth.

  1. Once you have the hardware, connect it to your computer.
  2. Your operating system should automatically detect the new device and request a driver.
  3. If you have one, insert it or download the driver from manufacturer’s site.
  4. If prompted, reboot your computer and you can start using Bluetooth!

It is very easy to add Bluetooth capability to your computer. It is a great moment to go wireless, with the variety and quality of peripherals available right now. Bluetooth is how to do it!


You can connect a wireless keyboard, mouse, or headset to your computer using Bluetooth. This article will show you how to check if you computer has Bluetooth capability and add it if not. Below, share your thoughts and experiences with Bluetooth.




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