Is Mr Maker Dead? CBeebies Star Phil Gallagher Caught In Death Hoax


The English presenter, most well-known for his role on the TV shows for children called Mister Maker and Grandpa in My Pocket Phill Gallagher is alive and well.

Even though TikTookay, as well as Twitter, have spread allegations, we can say that it’s a fake. Phil isn’t identical to Mark Speight from the CBBC show SMART and committed suicide 10 years ago.

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Mark Speight committed suicide by hanging himself on the 7th of April in 2008. The time he committed suicide was April 7, 2008. was 43 years old.

Is Mr. Maker Dead Or Alive?

Don’t get me wrong: Mr. Makeris not dead. According to the most recent Instagram image and constant social media activities, Phil Gallagher is still alive.

In a recent blog post that included a traditional photo from the current epidemic, Mister Maker warned his group and followers to remain vigilant throughout the outbreak. Phil has conducted interviews at his remote residence.

The mishap started with the host Phil Gallagher was mistaken for Mark Speight, another presenter. Mark Speight, a BBCchildren’s television presenter was found in the mortuary on the Paddington station in April 7 of 2008 after hanging himself using his shoelaces.

His death took place just a few days after his arrest in connection with the killing of his fiancée, Natasha Collins, and many people were confused as Mark and Phil were in the same industry.

Who Started CBeebies Star Phil Gallagher’s Death Hoax?

The fans have been able to confuse presenter Phil Gallagher with Mark Speight as a presenter. This has led to Mister Maker has become the unfortunate victim of a scam that is dying.

He passed away shortly after being indicted for the killing of his girlfriend, Natasha Collins. Natasha was found dead in a bathtub with burns as well as sleeping pills, cocaine along with vodka.

It’s possible that people got confused because Mark and Phil operate in the same industry. This is why Mister Maker has become the unfortunate victim of a death scam!

How Old Is Phil Gallagher?


Phil was born on the 3rd of March 1977, meaning he was 45 when he was born. He was raised by his caring and loving parents from Gillingham, England.

He started working as a sports journalist and even a broadcaster at BBC Radio Kent. The puppeteer was also a performer as well as an actor for the television show Playhouse Disney, as well as an actor in the Studio Disney persona and voice actor.

From 2003 to 2005, Gallagher who was just in his late 30s at the time was the host of The Diggin’ It on GMTV. He was the voice-over actor to channel 4’s Unanimous and played the role of ‘Pablo’ for the show Mighty Truck of Stuff on regularly in the year.

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