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Is it possible to see who has viewed your VSCO?

Despite Instagram being a popular social media platform, VSCO has taken it down. Users use it to edit images before they are uploaded on other sites

VSCO has a social networking feature. You can see other users’ photos, but Read on to find out more.

Can I see who visits my VSCO profile?

VSCO is a social network app that supports both Android photo editing and iOS photo editing. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

VSCO is similar to Instagram, but they have different purposes. Find out who is following you and more.

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VSCO was created to allow photo editing, but not social interaction. The application does not track user activity.

VSCO does not have a like button. Users can follow other users and reshare their images, but they will not know.

VSCO can be used by lurkers. Photos will reach anyone regardless of traffic statistics.

VSCO’s Photo Editing Functions

VSCO’s studio function lets you edit photos by selecting them from your phone’s gallery. You can also use many image editing tools, such as

  • Contrast
  • Exposure
  • Color saturation
  • Tone
    There are two advanced features under the Tone function. These are Highlight adjustments and Shadows. Photo editors with a good understanding of photo editing can use this app to create beautiful, edited photos.

VSCO’s main course are the filters. Non-paying users get only 10 filters. You will have to pay 99 cents for more filters.

Each filter is given a generic name. But, the term “designation” is better.

These filters outperform Instagram’s filters because they have effect strength sliders. In VSCO, you can adjust how many filters affect your original image.

VSCO offers additional effects that users can get for free but are usually behind a paywall.

Presets are available for most of the popular aspect ratios. The rotation tool can be used in order to adjust the image’s leveling.

Another cool effect is the “skew”. This allows you to fix photos that have been slanted, or to apply slants for a unique edit.

VSCO’s Social Network Functions

After you have edited all your photos, it’s time to share them. Any app that supports photo-sharing is possible.

VSCO’s social networking built into the app makes it stand out. You can disable location data broadcast in the settings.

View curated photos from VSCO’s Discover section. Search with usernames and tags to find what you are looking.

While you can’t favorite photos on other platforms, you can star it or share it. If you have VSCO contacts, you can also send it to them.

VSCO has less memes than Instagram and Snapchat, but you can still find some great VSCO users.

VSCO takes the worry out of numbers and statistics. They can freely share what they like without fear.

Additional FAQs

VSCO allows you to download a free app.

VSCO can be used on both Android and iPhones. The PC support is for browsing only. Not all features of photo editing are free.

Is VSCO social media?

VSCO isn’t as well-known than Instagram, but it is still a popular social media platform. This app is great for people who like to interact with others.

Do you have a private account with VSCO?

VSCO only offers one type of account. Private accounts cannot be created.

How much does VSCO membership cost?

A one-year membership costs $19.99 and includes a seven day trial. The app is not as versatile as .

Look and Feel

While interaction isn’t VSCO’s forte, the app’s design appeals for those who are tired of reading negative comments. VSCO makes it more private than other platforms making it more relaxing.

How can VSCO make your experience more enjoyable? Let us know what you think about VSCO’s social media network.



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