Is It Possible That Your Mattress Is The Cause Of Your Snoring?


It is essential to have an understanding of the causes of snoring, whether it is your own or that of your spouse, to prevent sleep disruptions. The use of a mattress that does not provide adequate support is one of the most prevalent causes of snoring. In this article, we discuss how snoring may be caused by several factors, including your mattress, as well as solutions to the problem.

Why Would Your Mattress Be The Cause Of Your Snoring?

Snoring happens when your airway becomes partially blocked while you’re sleeping, which can be heard as a raspy sound. This often occurs because your reclining position causes the tissue in your throat to droop, which in turn enables your breath to pass through with a rumbling sound. On the other hand, this issue may become more severe if you do not provide adequate support for your head when you are sleeping. Your lower jaw will then protrude outward, further restricting your airway, and causing the sound to either begin or become much more pronounced. It’s possible that your snoring is being caused directly by your mattress, specifically if it doesn’t support the natural curvature of your back and neck well enough.

What Could Be Causing My Mattress To Not Offer Sufficient Back Support?

It’s possible that your mattress is overly soft, which is one of the primary reasons why it does not provide sufficient support for your spine. Even if plush queen mattresses could appear to be the most comfortable option in the market, it’s possible that they won’t offer sufficient support for your spine or the spine of your spouse.

In a similar vein, if your mattress is more than seven years old, it has probably already begun to droop, which means that it does not assist in appropriately aligning your spine when you are resting. The change in your sleeping posture has the effect of making your airways more constricted, which in turn causes you to start snoring.

Make Sure The Curve Of Your Spine Is Accommodated By The Mattress You Choose To Sleep On

If you want to have a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by snoring, you need to make sure that your mattress follows the natural curve of your spine. It doesn’t matter how you like to sleep; to maintain your airways unobstructed, you need to always make sure that your spine is in a neutral posture.

Your mattress must provide adequate support for your neck and head if you want to maintain unrestricted airflow and a snore-free environment in your bedroom. If the sinking of your mattress makes this impossible, you may either try turning it over to locate a site that provides more support, or you can just admit defeat and start looking for a new mattress for snoring.

Think About Getting A Medium-Firm Mattress

As a consequence of this information, you may feel compelled to run out and get the most firm mattress you can get your hands on; yet, doing so may cause even more issues than it solves. In the same way that your spine does not curve naturally when your bed is too soft, it does not curve naturally when your mattress is too firm. This again affects your airways and might cause you to snore, which will prevent you from getting adequate rest. Instead, you should think about getting a mattress with memory foam or latex filling that is medium-firm.

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