Is Bob Barker Still Alive in 2022?


Robert William Barker, best known as Bob Barker, the face of the game show The Price is Right from 1972 until 2007. In North American television history, Bob Barker was the longest-running morning game show, earning the show the famed status of hosting. It’s been an extended time since his retirement and viewers haven’t heard much about his show in recent years.

Early Life

Barker was born in Darrington, Washington, on 12 December 1923. His father passed away when just an infant. He was a resident of the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, South Dakota, with his mother, Matilda. They relocated from there to Springfield, Missouri, after Matilda got married.

A basketball scholarship helped him, Barker studied at Drury College in Springfield in the beginning of the 1940s, after he had graduated of high school. In 1943 He dropped out of his school and joined the US Naval Reserve as a pilot.

However, he wasn’t deployed to active duty during World War II. In the end, Barker was able to return to Drury and completed an economics bachelor’s degree in 1947.

Broadcasting Career

Barker started his career in media in the media at KTTS-FM Radio in Springfield while attending the college of Drury. Bob as well as his spouse, Dorothy Jo Gideon, relocated into Lake Worth Beach, Florida and he became an announcer and news editor for the locally-owned radio station.

He was in 1950 and received an own show on radio the Bob Barker Show, which was hosted by Burbank for the next six years. In 1956, he was hired to host for the morning TV versions of the radio quiz show Truth or Consequences.

In 1966 the show was syndicated to force contestants to do bizarre stunts when they couldn’t answer questions in less than one second. In 1974, after which it was removed from the program, Barker served as its host.

The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right, which Robert hosted prior to his time with Truth or Consequences, was his second game show. There were more than 60 games featured on the show, all of which required contestants to determine the value of a range of products.

As the first game show to air on TV, The Price Is Right began its run in November 1975. It became the largest daytime game show in the year 1990 and surpassed Truth or Consequences in terms of the amount of time that it was aired.

On October 31, the year 2006 Barker made it clear that he would be retiring within the next few months. On June 6 2007, he taped his farewell show. The person who succeeded him was Drew Carey, who still has the same role.

Is Bob Barker Still Alive?

Since his departure the last time, there’s not been much information about their beloved host. A lot of people aren’t sure if the well-known celebrity is still around. The good news isthat Bob Barker is alive and well. Bob Barker turned 98 on the 12th of December 2021.

Current Health Condition

After suffering from falls, which are common among people of older age He was admitted to hospitals in the year 2017 as well as again in 2019. While working, he developed some skin cancer.

He wasn’t severely injured in either of the events. He claims that the main reason for his longevity and healthy body comes from due to the vegetarian diet he has been following for more than 40 years.

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