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iPhone Volume Buttons not working? Try these Fixes

These are the steps to follow if your iPhone volume buttons don’t work.

Broken volume buttons are often unavoidable and annoying. We don’t realize how often we use it until it stops working. It can be embarrassing to not be able turn down the volume if a video is playing or your song is too loud.

You should immediately fix any issues with your iPhone’s buttons. There are many solutions available and you can even do them yourself.

Check that your iPhone’s volume buttons are enabled

You might not know this but your iPhone has a setting that toggles between the volume buttons and off. Although this setting is enabled by default on all devices it can be turned off by anyone.

This can be checked by going to Settings > Sounds and Haptics, then enabling Change With Buttons. This is the reason your volume buttons don’t work if it’s not enabled. If this is already enabled, move on to the next step.

Are your Buttons stuck? You can clean them with alcohol

Our phones are so used that dirt and grime can sometimes seep under the buttons. To check if your buttons are still stuck, press down on them a few times. You might need to clean your buttons if they aren’t clicking down or stuck.

Use a cotton swab to clean buttons. Dip it in isopropyl Alcohol. 99 percent isopropyl Alcohol is the best choice for cleaning electronic devices. It doesn’t contain any water and dries quickly. It can also be used to remove dirt and grime from electronics by breaking down oils.

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To clean the area around the volume button, use a cotton swab. Pushing down on the buttons can help clean it better. It doesn’t take long to clean the alcohol off your skin.

Wait 15 minutes before you pour the alcohol. It’s great if your volume buttons work now. If your volume buttons are not working as well as they used to, it’s probably a sign they were dirty. You should continue cleaning them. You might consider moving on to the next solution if they still aren’t functioning.

Reset or restore your iPhone

Sometimes firmware updates can make our phones’ buttons work differently. This is particularly true for older iPhone models. Try restarting your iPhone if the volume buttons stop working after a recent update.

If you have recently updated your iPhone and this fails, your phone might need to be reset. You will need to back up your iPhone and erase all content settings. If your volume button stops working after an app installation or jailbreak, a full reset may be possible.

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First, backup your device. Next, go to settings > general > Transmit or Reset iPhone Delete All Content and Settings.

It will wipe your phone clean, and make it look brand new. Go into your phone and check the volume buttons before you restore a backup. You can restore your backup if they work.

In some instances, restoring your backup may cause them to stop working again. It could have been an app that you downloaded or your backup might be corrupted. This means you will have to start over unless you have an older backup that you can restore.

You won’t have to manually transfer photos or contacts if they are already in iCloud.

Upgrading to iOS 5.0

Updates can sometimes cause issues with volume buttons. However, it is possible to avoid updating. Old iPhones may not be compatible with the latest apps, and volume controls might not function correctly.

You might also find that an Apple update that you have previously installed is not working properly. This can be fixed by updating again.

You can update your device to make sure it works. To update your device, go to Settings > > software Update. You can check if there is a new update available and if your device has been updated.

You can control the volume of your iPhone without using Volume Buttons

Spotify apps allow you to control volume without the use of a button. There are other ways to control volume, even if the buttons fail. You can use the Control Center to control your volume.

You can access the Control Center by sliding down from the upper-right corner of the iPhone. You may have to swipe up from below if your iPhone has a Home button.

AirPods can be tapped to adjust volume. You can also control volume with other Bluetooth headphones. You won’t need to go to your phone to adjust the volume.

AssistiveTouch allows you to control the volume

AssistiveTouch is another option to control volume. To control the volume, you can use AssistiveTouch to either open a menu or toggle it up/down when you tap.

You can use it by going to Settings Touch AssistiveTouch. You can adjust the volume of your device by using this menu.

Getting Your Volume Buttons Repaired

If you can’t get your iPhone to work after cleaning the buttons or resetting it, then the buttons will need to be repaired. This is especially true for phones that have been damaged recently or exposed to water.

Your iPhone will be repaired if it is still under warranty.

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If your phone’s warranty has expired, you will have to pay for the repair yourself.

Apple to Discontinue Volume Button

It’s reasonable to suppose that the volume buttons will soon disappear, as the Home Button has been discontinued along with the headphone jack. The volume buttons are still available. They don’t often break, but it can be annoying if they do.

The solutions above will resolve most iPhone volume buttons. You’ll be able change the volume back in no time.



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