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iPhone Camera Won’t Focus? Try These Fixes

Get rid of blurry photos once and for all

If your iPhone camera isn’t focusing properly, it could be software problems or physical obstructions to the lens. These tips will help you get clear images from your iPhone again.

This article is applicable to iPhone 11 and iPhone 6.

How to Fix Your iPhone Camera’s Focus Problem

Although a camera malfunction can be a cause of panic and panic, there are many reasons why the iPhone is not focusing. The solution to the problem will usually reveal the root cause.

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How to fix an iPhone camera that won’t focus

These steps will help you identify and fix an iPhone that isn’t focusing.

  1. Remove the iPhone case. Some iPhone covers partially block flash or camera lens. Metallic cases or attachments–particularly magnetic ones–can affect the iPhone’s optical stabilization.
  2. Clean the iPhone lens. It may not be possible to focus properly if the lens is dirty or has fingerprint smudges. Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth and take a photograph.
    If you feel like you can see dirt in the lens, bring your iPhone to an Apple Store authorized service provider.
  3. Select the focus point. Tap the object that you want to photograph with the Camera app. You can choose to photograph a person, a flower or any other subject. You can tap it to tell the iPhone which element you want it focus on.
  4. Turn off Auto Exposure/AF Lock. AE/AF stands to Auto Exposure/Auto Focus. These settings lock the iPhone camera so that the target part of the shot remains in focus. This feature can be used by framing the image and then pressing the button to bring the focus point of the camera. Even if another object enters the frame, the camera will keep the object in focus.
  5. Practice good photography. Sometimes the iPhone camera can cause focus issues. Don’t take photos of people too close to your iPhone. You should not move, shake, or change the distance between the subject and the iPhone. These things make it difficult for the iPhone camera’s focus to be accurate.
  6. Update iOS. Software glitches can sometimes cause focus problems. These problems can be solved by updating to the most recent iOS version.
  7. Close the Camera app. Sometimes software glitches and bugs can be fixed by closing the Camera app and restarting it.
  8. Restart your iPhone. The camera lens issue may also be resolved by restarting an iPhone/iOS device.
  9. Reset your iPhone to its factory settings. Reset the iPhone’s factory settings if your iPhone camera isn’t focusing correctly. This involves resetting all settings and data.
    Factory restore erases all personal data and returns your phone to its original condition. Do not do this without first backing your data. After performing the factory reset, you can restore data and apps.
  10. Contact Apple support. If your iPhone camera is not focusing after you have tried everything, contact Apple support to get a repair or replacement. To avoid having to pay a repair fee, your iPhone must be covered by warranty. iPhone warranties typically last for one year. However, you can get AppleCare+ coverage by purchasing the phone.




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