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iPhone 12 and 12Pro review: Which one should you choose?

The PS200 price difference is not small, especially considering that most of the specifications for both phones are identical. Which one is WIRED’s choice?

Price: From PS799 WIRED

All iPhone 12s now have OLED screens; A14 Bionic chip performance; better design;5G


USB-C is not available; the refresh rate at 60Hz is sufficient; Pro Max beats the Pro specs


Apple has been delivering a clear message for years. After a long time of only having the iPhone (i.e. the iPhone that is so comprehensive and universally appealing to iOS lovers, there’s no need to mess around with multiple models), Apple has slowly gone segmentation crazy. Five iPhones are available now. Five. The SE, 12 Mini and the 12, 12 Pro Max, as well as the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max.

It has happened in the same way as watching your hair grow. It was obvious that it was happening, but suddenly, Apple phones seem overwhelming.

Segmentation is a response to the current market. As we are less likely to be able to upgrade our cars, a manufacturer should have a budget option. It becomes difficult to know who each model is for when it is hard to tell the differences between the Mini, 12 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max.

They are who they are

This is precisely my point. You might not notice the difference in the Mini, 12 and Pro Max screens until you jump from the Pro’s 6.1in screen down to the Pro Max’s 6.7in slab. I have had this experience with the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro. There are some differences but they are not noticeable in daily use. It’s not.


If I had to choose, the PS799 12 would be for average iPhone users. You’re in the Apple club because of its beautiful design. It is a phone that works well and you probably also own an iPad, an Apple Watch, or a MacBook Air.

The PS999 12 Pro is more difficult. This is for photographers who are serious about their photography. It doesn’t have all the best kit. Next month’s Pro Max will add the following features: a larger image sensor to produce brighter images in low light, a better telephoto camera, and Apple’s “sensor shift” stabilisation technology for smooth video, even when you’re filming in the desert from behind a truck going 60 mph. This is a lot for the price of a pair a jeans.


To be completely honest, I don’t know who the Pro is. Professionals with smaller hands are more likely to be successful. Photographers who aren’t as skilled at night-shooting and don’t want to be harmed by speeding cars. This type of person is the best, and there are very few reasons why you wouldn’t spend an extra PS100.



The look of the 12 Pro and 12 Pro has been greatly improved, just as the iPads received a welcome redesign, most recently with their iPad Air. Apple’s new flat sides and metal edges have been criticized by some for looking backwards rather than forwards. There are obvious similarities to the iPhones 4, 5 and 5. This is a good thing, as my favorite iPhone design remains the 4.

The Pro has more premium materials, though. The Pro has stainless steel edges, as opposed to the 12’s. And you get Pro colours, too. These are serious colours like black, white, and dark blue. You can also get a bling-gold version, which might not be as popular with the artsy. You can also get the 12 in brighter colors, such as a bright red or a blue that actually appears blue. My choice? The green is my favorite color. I don’t understand why.

Apple has also increased the durability. The iPhones now have Ceramic Shield glass. This is in addition to the IP68 water resistance rating. Apple claims this is Gorilla glass on steroids. This glass has ceramic crystals that make it stronger. This also means that it cannot call it glass, hence “Ceramic Shield”. Apple doesn’t provide data or evidence to support its drop test claims. You will need to take apart your iPhone 12s in order to determine if Ceramic Shield is real.

Except for the obvious missing lens on 12 Pro, the Pro and 12 appear identical in terms of proportion. The Pro is slightly heavier than the 162g, but it’s still noticeable. The back has a ‘MagSafe’ array of magnets that Apple has inserted so you can attach accessories and chargers to your phone. This will lead to many people throwing out old chargers and cases . It also means that Apple no longer includes any chargers or earphones with their iPhones.

Living with them


Both 12 and 12 Pro can offer 5G. Even though Apple has waited longer than other competitors to release this technology, it is unlikely that you will find any place to use 5G. Although you might be able to find 5G faster than your home broadband if you look for it, it’s not really useful right now in the UK.

The battery also gets drained by 5G. Apple has an innovative solution to this problem. It can switch to 5G whenever it feels it is better, saving battery life. You won’t notice any improvement in battery performance. The iPhone’s light usage is the same as what you would expect (which is not surprising considering all the upgrades). The Pro Max is for power-hungry users.


The new A14 Bionic chip, which is available in all new iPhones, is an upgrade to older models. Apple claims it has the fastest chip in a smartphone. It is fast, regardless of whether or not it is true. Apps load faster, games are loaded quicker. This is exactly what you should expect with a new phone.


The camera system is the area where the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro diverge. Low-light shots can be improved by the iPhone 11’s extra processing power, algorithm tricks and wider aperture on its wide-angle lens. The iPhone 11’s camera lens is sharper than the previous generation. The 12″ telephoto lens will be missed by avid photographers. The rest of us, those who open the photo app and just point and click, won’t.

Killer feature


The new design is the key feature for the 12 buyer. The Pro buyer will be most impressed by the LiDAR scanner, which is only available to Pro models. Apple has taken the laser technology from its iPad Pro, and made it available to Pro models. It means better AR, which is something that no one uses on their phones, and (much more importantly) much faster autofocus. You can also take portrait photos in Night mode. This is a boon for photo enthusiasts, but 12ers shouldn’t be too concerned. I admit that I am not a keen selfie-taker and this could prove to be a problem for Portrait poppers.

Why, oh why…

Okay, so there are two major issues with the 12s. First, the refresh rate. A higher refresh rate will result in a smoother and more responsive screen. Apple’s ProMotion screen refreshing technology was shown off back in 2017, but it has yet to appear on iPhone. Bloggers and fans hoped for 120Hz refresh rates for their 12s before the drop, but instead tried to be realistic and hoped for 90Hz. We got 60Hz, the same rate as the iPhone 11.

The second reason is that the 12s still have the lightning connector. Everyone was hoping for the same upgrade to iPhone 12s after the iPad Air received USB-C. But, no. The iPad Air received USB-C because of its completely new design and internal architecture. Therefore, it was an ideal case to implement the new port. You would think that the iPad Air has USB-C because it is a completely new design. The 12s also have a new architecture, so why not USB-C? Apple may believe there are too many lightning cables users, which is why we’re not ready to make the switch yet. They are mistaken.

Which one should I buy?

Both score the same, but I have to say that I chose my iPhone model. I will upgrade from the 11 Pro to vanilla 12. I can honestly count the number of times that I have used the 11 Pro camera system at its maximum potential. It’s not something I use. The Pro isn’t the best iPhone camera setup so it’s hard to recommend it over the Pro Max. Although the LiDAR is a great feature that I would not trade for, it’s a must-have. The 12 Pro design is my preference over the 12. The Pro is more fingerprint-friendly than the 12 Pro, which means that it always looks grubbier than 12. And I like it being lighter, too. I also like the color green. I don’t understand why.

*The iPhone 12 is available now from £799 via Apple , Amazon , Currys , EE and Carphone Warehouse .

The iPhone 12 Pro is available for as low as PS999 through Apple, Amazon Currys, EE, and Carphone Warehouse. *



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